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Do you know Akihiro Miwa? This is one of the most famous artists in Japan. Not only this country, but also in many countries his theater and songs are very popular. I also like his character, songs and talks very much.
This YouTube files is that he talked about his experiences at an institution for handicapped persons where he went to contribute some money for it.
I am also one of handicapped(but I am given much amount of happiness and people they help me, I think..), So that his thinking encourages me very much. The following sentences are translation of his talk in Japanese into English.

He said “I and Yukio Mishima went to the Shimada-Ryoikuen, which is an institution for handicapped persons, with solace from our charity concert.

At that time I was in trouble and didn’t have enough to contribute to others; people said that I had fallen low. There I saw handicapped children who had many difficulties; some couldn’t see, some couldn’t hear and talk with others, some people had no arms, they had only hands from their shoulders, some had no arms and legs as if they were “Daruma-San”, an autistic child hit his(or her) own head into the desk whole a day.And some volunteers were there and they were very nice.
When I saw them, I felt the people suddenly looked at me with their silent voices from their hearts, with their energies; I couldn’t understand what happened, so the voices said;
“Your trouble is just trifing. Look at us! You can walk, right? We can’t walk by ourselves and must be helped to have a wash, or we wet our pants…You can walk everywhere you want! furthermore, You can put on your favorite shoes, you have legs and feet to do it, we have neither! Nice crothings, you find at the shop, you can also put on them, because you have two arms and hands; How happy you are, you can hear, see and do everything! Why don’t you count the amount of your own happiness? You must have many things which you should thank for!”
I felt they said me so with their silent voices. And I thought that they, the handicapped people, are the “bodhisattva”, who were sent from the “other world” to encourage and give a warning to us.

His way to capture the handicapped is sometimes criticized, the critics says he doesn’t recognize their own facts correctly and he is narcissistic with regarding them as the holy persons. But I think it is more important to think of ourselves, others and the way of our own lives from his words than what he thought. If his words remind us of our happiness which we don’t usually recognize, it has enough worth to be listened to by someone.

  1. You are so correct here. A man creates his own world through his efforts. Even should a person amass great wealth, until he learns to be grateful for the simple things in life, he shall remain unhappy. If you see those who have even less, yet are happier than you, you must realize that you are doing something wrong in life. They see something you do not, they are doing something you are not, and so, they are…what you are not.

    Life is far too short to not be happy. Happiness is a choice…a state of being brought about through our concerted efforts to always improve, through our realization of how far we have come, and in our knowledge of where we wish to be…and knowing that given time, our place shall be secured by our steady and intelligent efforts toward our goals.

    Our knowledge of our limitations just means that we must take smaller and more frequent steps toward our goals. If others have a financial advantage…become more educated. If others are more intelligent…out work them. If others can work faster…work longer. You may always find a way to further yourself toward your goals. It is in this that happiness may be sought. Recharge your energy through the many beautiful and simple things in life which bring great happiness.

    Free yourself from the negative thoughts of others, and from senseless societal mandates and expectations. It is precisely the independent and happy individual, together with other like minded individuals, who makes up a strong and vibrant society.

    Simply look at those who seem to have much greater disadvantages in life, yet, do not complain, but work hard and are deeply happy. You will realize that we then, do not have the right to be unhappy.

    • Thank you for your comment and I’m very sorry that I’m late for replying for it; But I’ve already read it, thought about myself, and also thought about my life… Now I’m confusing because I don’t understand what I feel; My emotion remains moving unstably like a plane in dutch roll and it´s going to fall down and crash on the ground… I don’t know why.

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