2014 has come.

The New Year has come in Japan about 6 hours ago. I have stayed at my parents’ home to greet it with them.
Last year I had to go back soon to Kansai-district ,  where I lived, to start to work there on 3. January. It was very sad not to be able to have enough time to talk with my parents….Though it was my choice that I worked as a baker there, I always had the question;”Why do I work here?”
Now I know that I worked so hard to earn money to live every day that I couldn’t find other choices and the fundamental fact that I have the right to quit my job of those days to avoid to be suffered from it. I feel very happy now because I write this article with holding my lovely cat on my lap. And now I help the work of my family… My parents manage the small crammer… While I stay here, it is very comfortable and worthwhile work and I’ll probably start to work here from April this year,after I come to my hometown back.
The experience that I worked at the bakery about for two years is not meaningless for me. The reason is that I could have the occasion to think about my suitable occupation and my disorder and know various different ways of people’s thinking. Furthermore, if I hadn’t worked there, I wouldn’t have known my disorder and would have kept having the questions; “Why I can’t make good relation with others?”
I don’t think that everything which can be an obstacle for someone will be defeated by him/her; there must be many insuperable things and it is natural because we are just a kind of animals. Yet it doesn’t probably mean that we are worthless; The process of making efforts by someone, even if it may be end in failure, must become meaningful. To defeat/conquer obstacles means not only to overcome them but also to keep struggling against them. If someone can’t defeat them until at last she/he comes to her/his own end, at least he/she doesn’t give in them mentally. Is she/he miserable? I don’t think so… He/She led his/her honorable life.

“Die Proben, auf die euer Glaube bisher gestellt worden ist, sind über das gewöhnliche Maß noch nicht hinausgegangen. Aber Gott ist treu und wird nicht zulassen, dass die Prüfung über eure Kraft geht. Wenn er euch auf die Probe stellt, sorgt er auch dafür, dass ihr sie bestehen könnt.”
“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. ”

I’m not christian, but I am interested in their way of thinking and philosophy. Of course it is very difficult for me to understand these because of the difference of cultures between Japan(or other not_christian country) and Christendom, but it is by no means as same as the denial of it. I like this sentence from bible, The first Corinthian.

What will happen this year? I don’t know but I want to live optimistically with always making efforts to something. If I come to end of this year with smiling, the game will be mine!

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Well written. If you find happiness while working with your family…I am sure you will lead a successful life.

    Keep your disposition positive..and you cannot be defeated.

    • Thank you for your comment, and I have to apologize to you for not replying your former comment.
      I have already read both of your comment and I thought many things. It is probably too difficult for me to manage the bakery. The reason is that I can’t bear the stresses and strains to work at the bakery which was my former workplace and the tiredness from working there made my heart broken… I couldn’t think about anything positively.
      When I gave up to work there and I decided to go to my hometown back, I talked to a woman about my decision. She is my instructor of my baking-school and manages it. I said to her; “I decide to go back home and help my parents’ work, and if I have enough time and composure some day, I will start a small baking-school on my hometown.” Her reply is as following; “That’s good idea. And I have a proposal; Do you want to work as an instructor at my new school? It will be made in Fukuoka next year… If you want to do it, I’ll welcome you.” I was very glad to hear the proposal and agreed to it because I like to teach people… Oh, Sorry, Fukuoka is my hometown, located in Kyushu Island of Japan.
      So that I’ll work at a couple of places next year. I am looking forward to working there; I have some ideas to manage them… Of course I have some stresses and strains, but they are not so strong that I am not prevented from thinking about various things by them.
      I’ve already said that I am PDD-NOS with ADHD. This kind of people must find their own appropriate places to work; As the person of PDD-NOS, I feel it is very very important fact to be ought to be recognized. I hope this decision leads me to a successful life sincerely.
      I want to thank you for your comment…. How wonderful the fact is! These comments from U.S.A. via Internet have encouraged me many times though I have few friends in Japan! I thank to get to know you. I don’t write a comment on your blog, but I often read it and am encouraged from the good growth of your son..
      I thank you for your comment, sincerely.

  2. I am glad to hear how things have turned around for you. To have someone whom you know has enough faith in you to offer you a teaching position tells me that you do good work. Your new employer sees the good in you.

    People who have suffered in life…value life…and others. I know you have a good heart. You have much compassion and you wish to bond with others on a deeper level. My son is the same way.

    I know of Fukuoka. I visited there a few times. My mother lived there for a while as a child. My mother’s relatives still live there. I remember staying at my great grandmother’s house and picking clams out of Hakata bay, whereupon she and my mother then steamed them.

    I am hoping for a good life for you. Life really is wonderful so long as you look for, and surround yourself with, beautiful people, and enjoy the simple pleasures in it. You are planning out your life…working towards it…and not giving up. These are what are necessary to living a good life.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to encourage all who are in the spectrum, and all who care for those who are, with a path in life we have found to be successful with our son.

    I will keep visiting your blog. I wish to hear of how you find your way in life…and of how happy you will be. Don’t forget to keep seeing the beauty in everything around you. Find what makes you deeply happy inside…that will be something which may never be taken away by others.

    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi tora. Your words always encourage me very much… I’m glad to see you, sincerely.
      Now I come to Shiga back, located in Kansai district, to prepare to move to Fukuoka back and to be taught the way to work as a lecturer of baking bread.in Osaka. I’ll have to spend time busily about for a month. I’m afraid of it a little, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to it.Because I’m sure that it will be for my future.
      I sometimes wonder why people act selfishly without any hesitation. I don’t know whether I have a good heart or not as you tell me, But I tend to have compassion for others, I feel…. I think the reason is that I feel to have suffered from various things in my own life… without recognizing the reason; Probably many people suffer irrationally, and I may be aware of such a people’s sorrow or bitterness sensitively.
      Hakata Bay! I’ ve not been there long, but I remember the scenery is very beautiful(Now it is very sorry but it may be difficult to pick clams on that beach.) My university is stood near there.
      I recently realize that the necessities for my good life are simple; Smile, kind people with holding beautiful hearts, wonderful nature environment. It is not so important to earn money much. Archiving something great which is praised by many people around the world is by no means necessary for me.
      I hope and pray that your son will have great experiences and keep his own pride intact. Many of those who are in the spectrum have suffered and lose their own pride; I’m one of them. Only the confidence from others and the love from others grow his/her sensitive pride from his/her childhood. I don’t know it is true or not but I believe that suffered people from various things… for example from the autistic spectrum disorders… are given the agony and trouble with profound reason.
      I want to find and keep something good, which no one can take from me, through my own life…. It doesn’t the material outline, but therefore it can’t be vanished by anyone until I exist.

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