A new year has come.

A new year has come and about two weeks have passed since then. No articles weren’t added on this blog for a long time because it was hard for me to write something new here; I had many things to do last month.

Every December is the month which many people have to do various things to prepare to greet the next year coming soon in. In addition, I had to face to myself about a thing.

Since I was a child, I’ve had a feeling “I’m different from others in some respects.” When I talked with my classmates, when I play with them, I often had such a feeling but I couldn’t understand what was wrong. Sometimes someone told to me, “To sense the mood!” And though I didn’t have ill feeling to someone, he/she got angry when he/she listened to what I said. I couldn’t guess or grasp the reason. It was very difficult to “sense the mood”, so that I liked to play alone more than with many classmates. I wasn’t able to play sports well. It is still hard for me to throw the ball. When I see children throwing it like an athlete, I always wonder why they do that so well. I prefer to play inside to do outside; Reading books and Drawing pictures was some kinds of the best recreation for me. School library is the wonderful area to invite me to the world of knowledge. I often drew a map many sheets of paper. The map wasn’t based on the real geography; The towns, cities, tracks and highways existed only in my imagination.

The conclusion is that; I am with the high-functioning autism. A doctor diagnosed my illness as it. I was very surprised at the diagnosis but at the same time I felt my feeling become calm. I have thought that the problems about my human relations are proceeded from my character for a long time. But she said to me, “It isn’t based on your character but the difference of how your brain functions.” Her words helped me to erase my anxiety.

I still think about my illness and sometimes feel anxiety about myself. But at first I try to grasp my peculiarities now.

  1. I had thought it so…my son is also a High Functioning Autistic. He was diagnosed at age 2.5 years. He is now 12 years old. Always remember…it is not an illness. Just as your doctor had said…your brain thinks differently. You are exceptionally sensitive to many aspects that others are not. While this may feel debilitating at times…it also gives you exceptional capabilities. You feel things on a much deeper level…and so, you have a great capacity for creativity. Your mind also tends to think quickly and many steps beyond that which most minds do.

    My son is the same. Learn to play to your strengths and you will find that you have an exceptional capacity to master your deep interests…and in doing so…you will excel.

    My son is a 2E child (Autistic / Profoundly Gifted). You also have the gift of great concentration and focus. Once fully harnessed…you will see yourself as blessed. You will see life in all its great beauty once you develop your passion for that which is most important in your life. Your creativity will fill your life with purpose…and in that, you will find great satisfaction and happiness.

    Never give up…always strive for your goals. Happiness shall be yours.

  2. Hello,Shiroi-Tora. Do you read this reply for your comment? I have to apologize to you for writing it too late at first.
    Last November I gave up to work at the bakery I had baked breads for two years because I could no longer bear the difficulties of the human relations there, Of course It was very hard to master the skill to making and baking breads and it’s one of the reasons which made me make up my mind to leave the workplace. But, I felt, it was too difficult to establish a relationship with the colleagues.
    To accept the diagnose about my sickness needs a long time for me. I felt all of bad things which I did and made were caused by this sickness. Needless to say, it is just incorrect, I know, but I cried many times with cursing everything.. Please tell the reason I have the sickness! Yet, obviously, No answer was given to me.
    Fortunately or unfortunately, my intellectual growth has no problems. But my brain has a different way from others’ to think. It causes many conflicts and misunderstandings… between the people those I have to keep a relationship with.I often feel I’m an alien..I was born on the different planet..If God exists, I have a doubt that he made an mistake.
    I’m planning to move to my hometown back and find a job. If my birth is the mistake of something, I have to live anyway. This is only my wish to live calmly….
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. It has been a long time! Always remember that you can always start your own business. You may have to start out small, but you will have control over your work environment. You could perhaps bake for the needs of restaurants or stores. You could work alone at night…deliver the products…and be done with it. You could eventually hire someone to mind your bakery in the day to interface with the customers. You could fill a niche product…such as meat pies…or say…Mexican tacos and tortas (sandwiches). Either produce similar products of higher quality….or the same products cheaper…or produce that which no one else is doing. It sounds as if you trying to adapt to your surroundings is difficult. You may also adapt your surroundings to fit you. Just some ideas would be as I have already said…by working for yourself in the wee hours of the morning…baking. There are also many other professions where you may work at home. Specialty skills such as writing (not just as an author. There are technical translators…such as medical transcriptionists…as one example).

    Any work where people contact and conversation is limited would work in your favor…such as court transcriptionist. You could also get training as a research scientist…computer programmer…one of many types of professions which demand solitary work for most of the time.

    However…if you like baking…it is also a great avenue to pursue. There are many ways you could work it alone…enjoy being creative…have no interpersonal stress…build a solid future through your own business. Just start out small…with a few high demand products…expand your market…slowly add new high quality products. You could initially start out baking great sourdough bread…or Jalepeno and cheese bread…or perhaps specialty breads such as meal in a loaf types….such as bread with meat and cheese baked in…where people in a hurry could have a meal on the go all in one loaf. There are so many different ideas for desserts also. Just perfect your recipes with an emphasis on quality and unique products, and you should have a winning formula for success.

    Give your customers that which they will crave…and create new cravings with products they cannot get in your area (research other countries favorite foods). You should end up with great happiness in having a thriving business.

    Always remember that many very successful enterprises started out by producing one great product….just one…but they did that one thing better than all others. Master one thing at a time. Baking is like anything else, it is only difficult if you try to master many things all at once.

    I hope I have given you some ideas. It was good seeing your Blog again. I hope to be able to read future articles filled with happiness as you move your life forward. Just focus on quality in whatever you do.

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