It becomes cold.

I haven’t written any articles on this blog long, because of my laziness. I wanted to write something here and actually tried to do it several times, but I couldn’t finished.  The reason is simple; I became tired to think what I wrote and to try to translate it into English. It doesn’t mean that I came to dislike English and other foreign languages. I still want to learn something about them.

It is very cold today. I think it gets colder day by day. Recently I feel often very cold when I’m home, but I don’t switch the air conditioner on to attempt to decrease the cost for electricity. To protect against the cold, I wear many clothes at home presently. Every winter I catch a cold, so that I wear clothes which make us warm as many as possible.

Ummm… It becomes harder to write what I want to express in English than before…

Thank you for your visit and to read this meaningless article.

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