It’s a rainy day today.

It is raining now. The forecast on the net says it is a rainy day today.
It is summer so that it remains to be hot for many weeks. I don’t like summer because it is too hot to do everything… to go somewhere, to wash my own car, to ride on a bicycle. It is difficult for me to understand the reason why some people like this season. I like winter the best… because of its beauty which the scenery and the sun have in that season. When I’m home, it is impossible to stay here without switching the air-conditioner on.

Recently I’ve started to watch movies on DVD. I liked to watch them in my childhood, but I didn’t do that because I thought it was just waste of time since I became an university student. Now I realize that it gives me a good time not to think various things but to experience many stories which have powers to influence well our minds.  To think something alone is very important, I think, but on the other hands we should have some time to give a rest to our brains. Thinking alone too much often makes us be confused.

In a mutter…
We have to have communications each other to live every day because we can’t live without any helps from others. I know the fundamental fact, but at the same time it sometimes brings me great tiredness. Though I’ve been already 29 years old, still I feel so. If someone asks me what I want, I’ll answer that I fade away and nobody remembers that I exist here; However it is very sorry that  have no courage to commit suicide.. therefore I still live here.

Are you interested in the LONDON Olympic? On TV it is broadcasted everyday now, but it is not interesting to me at all. I read that some happenings occurred in some games on the net. Some athletes complained to the judgement at their games, a judge was said to have no correctness, there were those who did a political expression after a game, and so on…. Many people think that it should be performed under the correctness and courtesy often called “sportsmanship”, but I feel frankly it has been just a political, timeserving and false event since it was begun again in Greece in 1896…. Of course efforts of athletes shouldn’t be admitted without any critics, I think, but this worldwide event has been used as an importantly , efficiently political tool by many politicians in many countries…
Although at the first time an event consisted of the hope and wish without any sordidness, it is occasionally changed by someone with his/her selfish circumstances.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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