It has been hot for some weeks.

Summer has already come in Japan. It has been not only hot but also sultry here for some weeks. without keeping air conditioner worked, it is so hot in my house that I can’t stay. I don’t like summer… I prefer winter to summer because I feel that the scenery and air seem to be clear and beautiful.
For a long time I haven’t written any articles on my blog. To describe something in English, which is a foreign language for me, is often very difficult and makes me tired because of the lack of the skill to do it.
Getting started something new often makes us very nervous, I think. I’m facing to a new thing which is different from my ordinary works at my workplace. There are many elements which can cause trouble for me…. I can’t still understand what I should do at my present position and it makes me too tired to thing anything. I’m afraid of forgetting something important to make our works progress… It can cause very serious problems on my job.

Frankly speaking, I want to run away somewhere, where nobody knows me.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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