June has come.

I think that to write an article in English gets more difficult for me than before. I don’t have any occasions to use English in my daily life so that I forget many English words and important grammatical regulations to make English sentences.

By the way, June has come. It becomes hotter day by day, and the sunrise also becomes earlier than before. I can’t still believe that the former five months have already gone. Older I get, earlier the time passes, I feel. I heard from someone that people often feel that the time becomes to pass earlier with getting older. The reason is that; for example, for a child who is six years old, a year is a sixth of one’s life time. but for a thirty years old adult, a year is just only a thirtieth of one’s. I don’t know that this opinion has an scientific background or not, however I remember that I was persuaded it very well.
I think those who plan their lives since they are children and do the plans as  they thought are very intelligent. I can’t do such a great thing. When I think of my own life I have experienced, I realize to have many things which makes me regret very much. “To regret something is wrong” is said among many people. But I think it is very difficult not to do for me… Even if it just means that I’m not clever. I have regretted what I did many times with this feeling;”Why do/did I do such a stupid things?”
I also think it is the best that no regret about our lives occurs in ourselves. But I can’t regard it is just a bad thing to regret something and cry silently because one who has such an experience can become to understand what others regretting something think. It is better than to criticize someone without any sympathy, I feel.

Recently I make the skin of my computer like a Mac OSX lion. Mac OSX’s GUI is very stylish, but I have no money to get a Mac machine like Mac book air or Mac book pro(And I don’t have any plans to use them efficiently..). Some problems occurred when I installed a free application to change the skin on my computer, but finally I solved them with FAQ and other suggestion on the web. It pleases me very much.

I’ll go back to my hometown in Kyushu in the middle of this June by airplane. I get an additional holiday and LCC has already started to enter service between KIX and FUK so that I plan it. I’m looking forward to seeing my family and my cats.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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