A Party is planned today.

A party is planned by our bakery. Some of the acquaintances there planned a BBQ party some weeks ago, and it’s held today.

But, frankly speaking, I don’t want to take part in it at all. The reason is very simple; I don’t like such a party because I’m not good at talking with someone except my family, girlfriend and friends.
It seems very meaningless for me to have this kinds of parties with bearing to have a communication with them. Many of ordinary people can enjoy having such a time and occasion, but I can’t. When I talk with some people, I am often in trouble; I don’t know how to keep conversation with various topics. My acquaintances have many topics to remain talking with others long, but I don’t. If they talk about a singer being famous for young people, I can’t response anything because I don’t know her/him and furthermore, I’m not interested in her/him. If a love affair of someone is become a subject among them, I’m not able to say my own opinion about it and I feel it is just a rubbishy topics having no worth to be talked. It is much better for me than such a party to be alone and go somewhere or to read books alone.
I wonder why many Japanese like to have a party among people working at a same place. Do they want to express or impress others as “the family-like department”? Or do they want to believe all of people likes such a party? …. If so, I feel it is just stupid and wrong.

If someone want to hold a party, he/she should hold it with people who also want to do it. Why do people who don’t want to join in it also have to take part in it? Those who are forced to join in the party must not enjoy it at all. And moreover, I can have time for a rest only a day per week. So it is very important and significant for me to use it wisely. I think strongly that I have no obligations to sacrifice this precious time to our bakery, to my “work”place. At first I tried to decline to join in the party with the reason that I had something to do. but they complained about my declination and they said “If you can’t join in it, we can change the day to hold the party to be able for you  to participate in it.”. I was unwilling to change the day they’d already planned to follow my own convenience, I had to decide to join in it.

I think I’ll get very tired today. I wish to be able to come back from the party as early as possible.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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