“Golden Week”

Last week many Japanese had one of the longest holidays in every year. It is called “Golden Week”. From the end of April to the first week in May there are some national  holidays continuously. I had had some days as a holidays from my childhood to the last year.

But in this year I couldn’t have any holidays except a day as a regular one because we could expect that many people came to our bakery. And furthermore, this time we had a first trial to sell our breads at a department store located in the central of Otsu City, which is the prefectural capital of Shiga prefecture. Therefore we had to bake much more bread than usual. I woke up and went to work earlier.
I had been worry very much whether I had been able to do my work because I had had a lot of things to do. There are much kinds of breads baked on holidays; I often feel tired at work on every weekend. On the first day of “Golden Week”, I felt too tired to do several kinds of works I must do. It made me very anxious about the rest of this week. But I decided not to say “I’m tired”, even so I was tired actually. “Koto-Dama(言霊)” is a word of Japanese, It means that the word people say has a power to make them the status like its meaning. I thought that “tired” makes really me tired.  This thinking isn’t based on the academic or scientific point of view at all. But I made up my mind not to think about my own tiredness.
I think now that this trial was helpful to make my work more efficient; I tried also to keep myself smiling at work and not to think various things negatively. for example, in the case I have many things to do, instead of thinking in such a way “Why on earth do I work so much?”, I thought “These works must give me good experiences.”. Changing the way of thinking needs me to have much courage at first, Yet it brought me one of the stability emotionally,I feel.

I’m very glad to have finished my work at bakery for “Golden Week”. I have a holiday today, so I’ll go to Osaka to visit some shops and my acquaintance.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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