I was very busy last week.

Last week I was too busy to do anything about myself. The reason of it is that one of colleagues went abroad to have a trip for a week. She is the important person at my workplace because she can do various things to proceed with the work well. She has  a skill which is much better than I; But it is very unfortunate that she is not a regular employee. This choice is by herself, she said before that she doesn’t want to work as a regular employee to prevent from decreasing her own time. As she said, a non-regular employee can get time to do something which he/she wants to do without any hesitation. Frankly speaking, I sometimes envy her situation. I also want to have time to do something for myself; I really want to go abroad, especially to Europe to visit many museums there and see brilliant views, for example, great glaciers, alpine mountains and so on. (One of my dream to realize before my death is to visit the Nordkapplatået in Norway. ) But in fact, presently I can get time for myself only on Mondays. I know that it is my own choice I choose so that I mustn’t complain about that. As is often the case with people who want to something to realize, they have to sacrifice something other instead of it; for example, the guarantee to live without any economic worry and so on.

I heard before that people in foreign countries, especially in European countries, regard it isn’t good to live to depend on their parents for their daily lives. Such a way of life is often regarded as “non-dependence”. On the other hand, In Japan, many people depend on their parents for their own lives; Some often criticize such a person, but others seem to allow it as one of ways of life. It may be relative to “Amae(甘え)” which is sometimes treated as an unique Japanese concept. I don’t know which way of life right is.

The reason of my busyness is simple; I also had to do some of what she always does. It made me very tired, and an other colleague, too. He got angry or nervous many times.  The anger of others makes me very anxious so that his angry, and his nervous expression gave a bad influence to my mind. I got very tired from it, too. But on the other hand, I thought that the situation which force people to do something often gives a chance to us to improve our skill to do that. Last week I could have many occasions to form the dough. I feel it is helpful to understand baking bread more better and deeply.

By the way, I bought a luxury good for myself yesterday.
I listen to music with iPod well outside and when I’m home, I do it with my computer. But I’ve been wanting to buy an audio equipment to listen to music comfortably without my computer. I looked for it, and I found a good one which is produced by PHILIPS.

PHILIPS DS9000 (PHILIPS JAPAN official website)

I found it at a shop and I tried to listen to music many time with my iPod. After about 1 hour later, I decided to buy it. It cost about 35,000 JPN. It was too expensive for me, I thought, but I couldn’t conquer my desire… But now I have no regrets to buy it at all. It makes me wonderful sounds very much! Listening to a composition for a pipe organ, I feel as if I were at a church or a cathedral in Europe…. This sound let me remember the atmosphere of Kölner Dom in Cologne, Germany… I think strongly that I bought a great one though I had to spend much money. Writing this article, I enjoy listening to music with this docking speaker.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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