In a mutter…

whole last week I was very tired at my workplace. It brought me heavy stresses and strains to work there with having a communication with other workers.

I was criticized for not “being sensible” by other workers many times. I know that what they said to me was right and I have to improve in my skill which includes such a sensibleness. This sensibleness means, for instance, when the cashier is crowded with people, I go to help it soon, and so on…
Many people say many kinds of criticism to me.  And I understand many of them are right. But I was made very tired and confused because it is often that what they say conflicts each other. And furthermore, I am also often said, “What you have to do is easier than that of your boss.”. It makes me gotten very depressed. This indication is perhaps also true; but whenever someone says it to me, I feel what I do at my workplace meaningless…

Now I’m so tired that I can’t try to improve my skill.
I just want to have rest without meeting anyone who works there.

The day before Yesterday I had my hair cut and colored. This was the first time to have my hair colored; It was colored light brown. I thought it was simple-minded of me to be happy to do it; But it made my feeling much better.

And Yesterday I met my friend. She is about 20 years older than I and she has three children; She also works at a bakery so that she understands my distress and anguish. I was very happy to meet her and have good time.
I think when people feel that they are isolated, it brings them hope like a light in a gloomy way.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Yes, friends can be a great joy to have and to share good times with.

    Hang in there…and don’t forget exercise as a great mood lifter.

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