A new store of COSTCO Wholesale opens in Yawata city in Kyoto Pref..

I have caught a cold for a few days and I have a sore throat now. Last night I thought that I could have a long sleep because it is holiday today, but I woke up at one o’clock this morning and I could’t have a sleep again after all. The rhythm which our own bodies have couldn’t be changed easily, I think.

Recently I get accustomed to working at the bakery gradually. I feel I become to be able to do my works faster than before and to have a composure to think the way to bake bread better than before. And furthermore, I think it is very important for remaining working there very much, the number of times of conversations with my colleagues increases much more than that which I had when I belonged to the bakery about 4 months ago. Actually, I like to talk with someone very much. But on the other hands, I am  often afraid that I may make the atmosphere at the workplace worse by what I say… The reason is that I have ever done such a stupid action at various situations many times… Though I regretted what I did after that, I did the same action in other place again. I have already realized that I’m not good at supposing the result caused by what I say so that I often still get anxious about that.
Having a conversation, it is very significant for people taking part in the conversation to make an effort to carry on it, I think, yet it is often difficult for me. I had been worry about it and thought I might have something wrong at my own brain before. Now I think it is better to train myself to carry on conversations than not to do anything.
I’m still not good at talking with people except my family, relations and friends. But as long as I live, I can’t avoid being familiar with other people.

By the way, week before last a new store was opened by COSTCO Wholesale in Yawata city, Kyoto Pref.. COSTCO Wholesale opened the first store in Hisayama town, Fukuoka Pref. and I’ve been the membership of that store since before. I like the store very much; There are many items and merchandise from various countries; U.S., Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Korea, China and so on. And still more, there are very wonderful foods! For example, I like to eat cheese very much, but it is very sorry that not many numbers of the kinds of cheese are sold at ordinary shops in Japan. And all of them is very very VERY expensive!! I still remember to have being surprise at the prices of cheeses sold in German when I stayed there, because of the low prices of them. In compared with ordinary prices of cheeses sold at shops in Japan, those of cheeses at COSTCO are so inexpensive that I can purchase them easily. Furthermore, I like soft served ice cream very much. That provided at the food court inside COSTCO is very delicious, I think. When I go shopping there, I’m very looking forward to eating it.
Though there are many stores of COSTCO in Kantou district, on the other hand, only one stores is opened in Kansai district; it is located in Amagasai city, Hyogo Pref.. It takes too long time to get there from my house. But I can arrive at the store in Yawata city via highway in 30 minutes. I’m very glad to become to be able to get there much easier than before.
I want to buy a lot of items at COSTCO. I’m looking forward to going shopping there very much.

It is holiday today. I wish to have a good time to have a rest.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Excellent. What you are doing is just the thing that needs to be done. You are engaging in the activities that you find difficult in order to improve. I can tell from your words that you are feeling so much better. You are on the right path. You are moving forward to your happiness.

    Never stop…life just keeps getting richer for those who need do nothing but pursue it…as you now are. I am very happy for you.

    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora. As you say, It becomes less that I’m anxious about my work than before. And furthermore, I feel I become to want to get better skill to make or bake bread.
      Even if I can get it in slow pace, I wish never to stop pursuing it.

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