A regional Dialect.

There are many kinds of regional dialects in Japan. I had lived in Kyushu for many years and I’d spoken in a regional dialect named “Fukuoka-Ben(福岡弁)”.

I live in Kansai district now, and there is also a regional dialect here. It is very different from that of Kyushu; In point of used words, way of intonation and other factors. I’m still confused by them… It is very difficult to understand the nuance of words used by people living here for a long time. When people move to other district where they have never lived, they may be often confused and embarrassed by what other people at the district say.

Frankly speaking, I don’t like the way of speaking in this district, especially at the intonation. It is natural that there are many differences between the way of speaking here and Kyushu, but I often become nervous by these differences; I sometimes watch TV, but people taking part in TV programs also speak in the Kansai dialect… I feel very tired and turn off the TV.

I didn’t like the dialect in Kyushu because I thought the way of it was very rough and vulgar. But now I feel a longing for it. When I move to other district, I realize how I am dependent on the culture, words, air, nature and other factors in Kyushu. I live in Shiga prefecture now, but some day I’ll go back to my hometown… I don’t know until my weakness seriously after moving here…

By the way, it is holiday today. I have already written that I have only a day as a holiday per week. I want to take a rest more, but there are few members at my workplace, so that I must work there as long as I can. So I can’t write articles on this blog; I feel it becomes much harder to write them in English xP. Perhaps I write wrong English many times in this article… I’m very sorry!

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. I had never realized the dialects were so different in Japan. My Mother was also from Kyushu. She was raised in Fukuoka and in Sasebo.

    Hang in there…better times come with effort and time. Look forward to brighter times. You are going through a lot right now. Keep your spirits up and keep dreaming and striving for those dreams. That alone will give you energy.

    Take care.

    Shiroi Tora

    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora. I’m working at my bakery with believing that daily effort makes my dream come true.
      My dream is that… I can make bread which I want to bake and which is loved by many people, I can have a small bakery and bake breads every day.
      Improving the skill for routine will let me gotten closer to it, I believe recently.

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