One of the way to live without being afraid of making something wrong, though I don’t want to make it..

It is about 4:30 in the morning now. I could have a good sleep last night because it is holiday today; This holiday is very precious for me… I can have only a day per week as a holiday. On other days except every  Monday I have to go to work.

Recently I have gotten accustomed to my own work gradually, I’ve felt. Of course I still sometimes make mistakes when I bake and make bread; But I’m not shocked more than before when I make something wrong. It may be owing to medicines I take now… Last week I went to hospital of psychosomatic medicine located near my house and I got some kinds of medicines to make my mind kept calm. It sometimes seems strange or bad to take medicines to prevent my mind from confusing, but I think that it is one of the ways to live without being afraid of making something wrong which isn’t a deliberately ill action. Confusing mind often makes other serious mistakes… I’ve already experienced such a situation many times.

By the way, it gets very colder day by day. I feel the last season of the year will come soon… I like winter the best of all seasons because the air in the season is very clear, the sun looks very clearly beautiful. “Hakanai(儚い)”… this is one of the words I like very much, and it means “fleeting, transient, vain or fragile”… “All things are in flux. ” This season let me feel it very much. Everything will come to end some day. It may be a very sad fact or destiny all things must accept, but I think that at the same time it is the salvation for me… I fear to live eternally without dying; Perhaps I become strange if the end of my life doesn’t come permanently.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Yes, death gives life so much meaning. You know it will come, therefore life takes on a sense of urgency…to live it fully and well.

    Concentrate now on life…the future you make for yourself.

    As you get used to the routines, you will derive comfort from them.

    When you value yourself just as deeply as you value others…you cannot help but become more optimistic and energetic. With a solid plan for life and your steady progress toward your goals… life will then be wonderful all the time.

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