I have had a stomachache since last night…

I don’t know why but recently I sometimes have a stomachache after the work days come to end. I think that it may be the reason that the stresses and strains decrease after that; My stomach is also stressed and strained, so that when it  become free from them I have to go to the restroom many times in the night :x.

Yesterday I couldn’t make any mistakes about baking bread because there were many kinds of bread reserved; and it meant that I had to bake all of them in time of delivery.  I went to the bakery earlier than usual and started to prepare to bake them; And moreover, there were many other works to me; Baking and grilling chickens, boiling eggs, to  sauté pieces of apple with caramel source, and so on… I couldn’t still work on them so fast, but my colleagues helped me so that I accomplished my works successfully. I thanked them very much.

The work I attend to now is very hard, but I am satisfied with it because it brings me not only physical tiredness but also the consciousness of working. I can’t still knead dough and form them, but I decorate them before baking and bake with oven. After baking, I feel to be satisfied with bread very much when they are colored and decorated  very beautifully.
And furthermore, my superior is very good for me; He advises me so logically that I can understand what he says. Though he is younger than I but I respect him very much. His honesty, ability and character are very attractive, I think. In fact, thought he is one of the youngest staffs at the bakery he leads other staffs with his logical thinking and attractive character.
To work there is very hard, but I think I have to make an effort as hard as possible.

By the way, I go to buy vegetables to farmers’ market by car. Recently the prices of them are too expensive to purchase! A cucumber is 38 JPN!! Japanese/Chinese white radish is 198 JPN!!! I can’t eat any salad because it is impossible to buy them at the prices. I hope that I find the good vegetables priced lowly there…

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. You will look back at the days of difficulty as your trial by fire. Everything else shall pale by comparison. You are going through the hardening stage…the tempering of what shall soon be fine steel. Life will take on a new happiness at the conclusion of this stage…as you will be able to handle situations in your profession with ease as it will then be automatic. Keep your spirits up…good times are just around the corner.

    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora.
      In the future, I want to remember the days which I’m going through without any regret. I should believe that what I’m doing now will make my future more brilliant if I work on my present job which includes many problems I don’t still solve, I think.

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