Three quarters of this year has already passed…

For a long time I haven’t written this blog because I have had no time to do it.

Now I get up at 1 early morning and have breakfast at 2 to leave my house by bike to go to work. I have to get on a train leaving Osaka station at about 5 o’clock, so that it is the only way to arrive there to use my bike. The subway of Osaka is not still in service when I leave my house.
It takes more than 1 hour to reach the destination. And furthermore, I must walk from the station where I get off the train to my workplace for 15 minutes. The workplace is  located in Shiga pref.. Shiga pref. is in Kinki region and it has the largest lake in Japan at its center. The lake is called Biwa. Though it is near Osaka and Kyoto pref., it has very beautiful nature.
It has passed about 1 months since I started to work there. But actually I work there about four days per a week now, so that I’m not still accustomed to work there well. And to take about 4 hours to go there and to return from the workplace to my house makes me very tired. Recently I go to bed before 7 in evening every day….
But this daily life style will come to an end on the last day of September. It has been already settled to move in Shiga late in this month. And my new residence has a parking area so that I can use my car to go to the workplace from my house. It takes about 5 minutes to go there from my new house. When I lived in Fukuoka, my car is an indispensable means to daily life. But in Osaka I couldn’t have a car because it costs too expensive to park it somewhere… I’m very glad to live with my car.

To work somewhere and with someone is not easy for me. I’m not good at communicating with someone. But without it I can’t work there. I have already written it, I work at a bakery now. And I take charge of oven to bake bread. What time, which kinds of bread, how long and how many times I should bake is kept unobvious if I ask someone about these matters. I think I shouldn’t attempt to avoid to communicate with others not only to fulfill my responsibility at the job but also to live a independent person.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. You should be proud of yourself. You have grown so much as a person. By taking on challenges in life…you grow. Only by growing, will you experience true happiness. There is no other way.


    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora. I have to apologize to you for replying a comment too late.
      To work bakery shop is much harder I thought. I can’t have any time to surf on the net enough… And I recognize not only my own physical weakness but mental. Someone living in ancient times said that we can’t live alone, but it is also difficult for me to work among colleagues whom I don’t know well. Many people live in such a way with bearing various stresses and strains… To live on the earth is very hard, I think….
      Every day I take many mistakes and I become anxious about my own ability; Can I remain working here for a long time? But thinking about that makes nothing, I know. What I can do is only to do my work hard every day, every time….

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