To find a job to live further…

I have to find a new job to live now. I’ll graduate the school I belong to at the end of September 2011 and I have no plans after that; But it is natural that we should work somewhere to live by ourselves every day. I applied for some bakeries and I am waiting for the answers from them.

To meet someone who I’ve never seen before distresses me very much. But I’ll get no results if I’m afraid of it and avoid to find a job. With the small courage I have, I have to do something to live by myself further. Sometimes nostalgia for my hometown, girlfriend and family wells up in my heart, and I’m likely to cry… I always recognize my weakness in such a situation. But I have already known since I started to live in Osaka that it is my own choice. No one forced me to do it.

I try to tell to myself that I doesn’t have to worry about anything; but if I feel apprehension I mustn’t deny it and I should accept this emotion.

No problem… If I fade out from the world, the world won’t change at all.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Wherever you decide to work…be sure to try to learn everything about it…including the business side of Baking. You will want to open your own shop sometime in the future. Always show a readiness to learn other’s jobs…keep learning formally also. What you do now will determine your fate.

    Being apprehensive about new situations or people is far better than apathetic. It means that you want to do your best. Just think of it as a learning adventure.

    The worst situation is stagnation…not change.
    With stagnation comes nothing…forever locked in a mental prison.
    With change comes upwards potential. Gambatte!

    • Thank you for your comment!
      Yes, I shouldn’t hesitate to change the situation surrounding me… Letting it change means that I get a chance to go further to the my dream that I want to realize some day in the future.
      Today I visit a bakery to have an interview to get a job. I’m not so stressed now, but perhaps I become very very distressed before the interview.
      But I will do my best because I don’t want to regret what I say or do after that. Today’s interview is also a part of resource for me to learn something, I think.

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