Visit in Kobe

I visited an acquaintance in Kobe last Saturday. I’ve already visited Kobe before, but I’ve never visited her house at all. She is one of students which belong to school to learn how to bake breads and to manage a bakery. I’m also a member of them.

I think that Kobe is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. Not only it is just a large city, but also there are mountains, rivers and beautiful coasts there. When people walk along coasts, a wind from the sea makes us very calm. I like Kobe better than Osaka, because its atmosphere is similar with Fukuoka, I feel. comparing with Osaka, I feel that the numbers of people, building and the scale of the city match me well. Osaka may be too large and too crowded with people for me.

The acquaintance is much older than I. She may be over 50 yrs. old. But she isn’t arrogant at all, on the contrary she is very kind to me and is often worry about my situation and my mental or physical health. At school I always thank her very much. Her character makes me very calm when I’m in trouble or too tired to think something in baking breads.

When I visited her house, she welcomed me and served me a hand-made cake and coffee. They were all very delicious. We talked about many things, one of them was about my future work. She said that she was very worry about my mental health. And she also said; “Frankly speaking, I think you are not clever with your hands.right?”
I agreed with what she said. I have recognized since I was a child that I’m not skillful with my hands. And I’m also anxious about working in a bakery very much because I know that I’m not good at making relationship with others.
I said to her; I also understand my own weakness and I’m anxious about my mental health. Even now, I take a medicine to make my mind calm before going to school every morning. I recognize my fundamental weakness. I’ve tried to make my mind stronger many times, but it hasn’t been archived after all. Perhaps I have to be alive with considering my mind in the whole of my lifetime. But I want to work at once, because I don’t know what will happen in my life in the future at all. If my mind is almost killed, I will decide to return to my hometown. If it becomes true, I’ll perhaps have no money, no proud of myself and no works. But it won’t bring me no regret.
After she listened to me, she was still worry about my mental health. I thanked her for her kindness very much.

After talking about many things at her house, we went out and visited many places. She has lived there for a long time, so that she knows a lot of places to visit. Walking on the street, we talked many things. To talking with someone makes those who want relationship with others very comfortable. It is very important for us to be alone and to think by myself without anyone, I think. Yet in the same way, I also think to have a communication with others is very significant.

We visited some bakeries and observed many breads sold at every bakery. We exchanged of opinions about them. And when we had lunch, we talked about the meal served at a bakery’s Eat-in corner and the price of it. Our conclusion was that; They(The meals we ate) were too expensive! XP It might seem too simple, but we thought that we had to serve a meal which satisfies customers ad valorem.  After lunch, we talked at a café for some hours. I enjoyed the time very much.

I could have a very good time and owe it all to her. I thank her very much still now. Talking with her brought me the courage to do my best at school and to learn hard.

Thank you for your visit today.

  1. Someone who gives of their time and can speak from their heart to you…is a true friend. Just one of those…more than equals any number of superficial acquaintances.

    Any perceived deficit in skill can be acquired through diligent practice.

    Your hands will do what they are trained to become.

    You can hire someone to handle the customer counter. Many successful people are not successful in every aspect. They choose wisely from those around them, the ones who are better than they… and have them handle that area…or they acquire the skills necessary.

    Concentrate on quality and innovation. Your products will then sell themselves.

    The Japanese bakery I had previously told you about in my old town (Aki’s bakery) was of such high quality that people from many miles around would place orders through them. Some would gladly drive from far away for special event cakes since they wanted only the best. There will always be a demand for quality as there are so many who just produce the same old thing. Be better than the rest…you will succeed. Quality never dies…only the mediocre.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, I am very fortunate to get to know such a person. Also in August I want to visit her again to talk about many things.

      As you say, what I have to do now is to train my hands in skill as hard as possible. Many aspects are held by every person… I truly want to think that this fact is fit for me, too.
      There are a lot of anxiety about my future…, my mental health(I always feel that I may be one of “Adult Children”s…), my future job, and my own life… I face too many problems now.
      …Sorry, I don’t understand what I want to say… I’m a little nervous to think about them.

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