I returned from my hometown.

I went to my hometown last Friday and I have already come back from there this Monday. That is the reason that I went back there that I had to follow the necessary procedures for the National Pension at the city office of my hometown because I don’t change my registration about the place I live; Therefore I have to go back to my hometown to go on in the procedures. What I wanted to follow the procedures was the delay of payment for the National Pension because I don’t work so that I have no means to earn money.

I went back there by train. Shinkansen, it is one of the highest speed train systems in the world and is often called “Bullet Train”, connects Osaka and Fukuoka in 2 and half hours. Its fare is by no means inexpensive, though many people use it because of its usefulness. In the case we use airplanes when we go from Osaka to Fukuoka, we have to go to the airplane with several train lines and also have to check-in and to have my person searched. It is very bothersome! Getting on Shinkansen, all we have to do is only to purchase the ticket and wait for the train we get on on the platform.

The city office is opened only from Monday to Friday. Therefore I can do nothing about the procedures on last weekend, but the purpose is not only to follow them but also meet my family and my girlfriend again. Before going back to my hometown, I was too tired to think anything and I was very sad to be alone in Osaka… Of course I have several acquaintances here, but it doesn’t mean that the fact makes me smiled; And moreover, I really wanted to drive a car and go somewhere many mountains and the wide, clear blue sky exists. The sky I can see in Osaka is very very narrow;  The buildings colored grey makes it so… Moving to Osaka, I didn’t think about it because I had many things to start living here. However when I realized the fact, I became very sad and I knew that the scenery of Kyushu brought me the calmness in my heart. I think that the parks and trees which were made or planted artificially in the large city are just “items” to give people repose.  But in my home island there are many mountains, groves, rivers and trees which have just existed for many many years. They give us not only peace of mind but also the much deeper impress to us…

I could spend the very good time with my family and my girlfriend. One day I go driving with my mother to eat lunch and to buy vegetables at some markets in countryside. We had lots of conversation… I am 28 years old and it is often regarded as a strange habit to do something with one’s mother in Japan. People having such a habit are also often called “Maza-Kon”(This word comes from “mother complex” in English.) and spoken ill. But I think seriously about the fact I can’t meet my mother or my my family easily. No one can expect what happens when we spend time every day… So that I really want to spend the chance to be able to meet someone. Is it something wrong?
Another day I go driving with my girlfriend to mountain Aso. It located in the central Kyushu, in Kumamoto Pref.  It has one of the most beautiful caldera form. The beauty of its landscape is expressed with no words… it can’t be seen in other districts I think. We had very good time with talking, driving and eating. we meet on Skype every day(I’m glad to see her with computer every day and thank people making the system sincerely for their talent and work!), but it can become the alternative means to meet her directly.
And more over, Its was very glad for me to see my lovely cats again! I had lived with cats since I was in childhood. I experience the daily life without them in Osaka at the first time. It makes me very very sad… After moving to Osaka, I realized the importance of them for me. I was very anxious that they had already forgotten me. But it was wrong. Getting to my house and calling their names, they made responses to me! And I was worry that a cat was very angry because I couldn’t say good bye when I moved to Osaka by reason of being out of her. But the worry was meaningless at all. Coming back home, she looked very glad and fawned on very much. We spent time together for long and when I went to bed, she also slept beside me.

Going back home made my very happy and encouraged me very much. Having the place we can return is the very happiness; It is the thing that I felt this time. And I also felt that I wanted to returned somewhere in Kyushu someday.
I think that it is very important for people to know about many things and visit or live in many places we have never experienced. But at the same time, it is also significant to realize the goodness of the places we have spent time for a long time. They are also parts of the elements making us.

From this Tuesday I began to go to the school again. It’s the time for me to have to learn many things make not only breads but also my future.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. You spent time with a person who cared for you…who raised you…she enjoyed it…you enjoyed it…it was a good and right thing to do. Anyone thinking otherwise is wrong. I am 51 yrs. old…I visit my mother every so often…we go out to eat or some other place to enjoy ourselves. Beware of the person who isn’t grateful to those who had given to him…who shows no loyalty to those who deserve it.

    Having a place to return to is so very nice. You have many good memories there, I am sure. Visiting your past gives you strength in the present…and a good outlook for the future.

    Keep going strong in your classes…you are so right…it is your future.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I’m very encouraged to read your opinion about my actions I did at my hometown. And I realize that it is meaningless to think about those who speak ill of me about what I did with my family or people who are important for me. What I should do is what I decide to do after considering, I feel.
      After coming back from my hometown, I haven’t thought about the relationship with other people belonging in school. Of course I’m familiar with those who are kind to me(A few days ago I visited my classmate’s house in Kobe! Do you know the city? It is very beautiful city and I like it very much. I talked with her(She may be more 50 yrs. old, but she is very kind and worry about me. I always thank her very much). My most significant thing at school is what I want to master techniques required in baking breads.
      There are a lot of anxiety… But I believe that to learn and bake bread hard and seriously every day will bring my bright future.

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