Returning to my hometown.

I will return to my hometown next weekend. But it doesn’t mean that I quit the school; I have to follow the necessary procedures and it can be done at my hometown’s city office. The distance between Osaka and my hometown, which is located near Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu, is by no means short and the city office isn’t open weekends so that I have to be absent from school a couple of days.

Frankly speaking, I’m very glad to go back to my home town because I meet my family, my cats, my girl friend and my acquaintance there.

Three months have already passed since I came to Osaka in April. To live here hasn’t been easy for me; Though I have no incomes, I have to purchase many things to live every day. And Osaka is the largest city in the west Japan, therefore there are many people here; It makes every price of goods more expensive. In addition, I doesn’t have any acquaintances and friends in the large city… I thought that it is no problems for me to spend time alone, but it wasn’t correct at all. After moving here, I knew a quite fundamental fact that I had been able to live without any problems because I’d received many supports containing mental and physical aspects from people around me. Not to having noticed such a natural fact for a long time means that I’m a pity and silly child who was grown up not in mind but body only, I think.

The remaining months I learn at school are about 3 months. I’m very worry whether I can obtain skills required when man bakes a bread or not. But I also think at the same time that to be worry about it perhaps brings me no benefits; what I have to do is to try things as many as possible at school.

By the way, I drew a picture with computer.

A child of fox.


To draw a picture is one of my hobbies and it makes my mind very calm. My brain covered with an anxiety about my future and my daily life, I drawn it and try to bring my mind composure.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. That picture is amazing! You have great artistic talent!! What is popular here in the US is artistic baked goods and cakes. If you could design your cakes with some of your art on them…they would be very popular. I realize that many places can use computer designed and guided deposition of frosting…even of photos…however, with original art…yours would be one of a kind.

    • Thank you for your comment and I have to apologize to you for replying too late again…
      It makes me very glad to be praised about my picture. It is just a hobby so that I can’t drew pictures so well, but I feel it very fun and I like to do it. When I drew pictures, I feel that I can express my mind and soul by it.
      Your comment encourages me to think new idea about breads or cakes very much!!
      And still more, you always encourage me strongly. I thank you sincerely!!

      Ummm… I am anxious whether I express what I want to say correctly in English. So that I try to write it in both of English and Japanese.
      “I have much of anxiety but try to do my best because now is the time to do it.”

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