Baking at home.

This morning I baked a pullman bread at home to eat at breakfast, lunch and other scenes.
About for one and half months I haven’t baked at home because of the lack of necessity. Some of breads which we baked at school are given us so that I am not in trouble about the lack of bread to eat.
But since some days before I have wanted to bake them for myself; It means not only to eat but also to calm me down. In the slow passage of time which I can use it without any hesitation, to bake bread makes me very happy and comfortable.

I sometimes think it is the greatest happiness to be able to use the time for myself or people who are important for me.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Don’t forget that it is also a time to experiment. I have tasted great bread and pastries at certain places….most places, however, bake the same old things. Have one of the unique places that bakes masterpieces…it is your originality and quality that shall set you apart from the others…with that…you cannot fail. Research the world’s breads and pastries…by offering what is not being offered…especially as a way to test what is popular…people will see your shop as an adventure…it will also be your way of test marketing that which is popular.

    Don’t forget the flat breads of India and the Mediterranean. Also, try real San Francisco sour dough…most places don’t make it right.

    You are entering an exciting time in your career. It should be a time of unlimited exploration and the fulfillment of dreams. You can be creative…innovative…and really build something for your future.

    Keep looking forward and up and never stop dreaming…it is nourishment for the soul.

    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora.

      Yes, I think what you say is right. I want to know not only the variation of breads around the world but also how to bake them, and how to have been baked in the great history of human beings… I think that who doesn’t want to know the history of breads baked and eaten among people aren’t perhaps able to create breads including something new. Since some weeks ago I have started to visit different bakery shops, buy and eat some of breads sold there, and then compare them about the way of being baked. I believe it is sure that the action brings me various ideas. And furthermore, I started baking at home with dough I fermented not with dried yeast but yeast I grew. In addition, I observe bakery shops in the respect of construction of them, arrangement of bread and so on…

      Still now I am sometimes suffered from the anxiety about my future and the school which I belong to in my own heart. I think, but, I believe that people who tries to realize their own dreams can just go ahead with their dreams only, though they are often afraid of the unobvious future….

      I really thank you for your advice…It is wonderful that I can receive the messages from other countries. It encourages me very much!

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