The words we said will have a power.

I was invited to the dinner at my friend last night. Though we’ve been a friend only about for a month but she is a very kind to me. When we have a talk at a café near our houses, we could have a very good time. So that I was very looking forward to the dinner.

She is not only very kind but also a manager of school to teach how to cook. All the things which she said were very impressive and I thought the following story she said was the most important for me; I asked her about the way to get a job to live with baking. She said that it was the most significant that I remain talking to everyone about my dream. Even if I consider about my dream by myself, no one can’t know or understand it without me saying outside. But if I remain expressing my dream outside, the chance to make my dream true may come to me because people which know or understand my dream may help to do that. When I listened to her, I remembered a word in Japanese, “Kotodama”. It means “The soul kept in what people say”. The word suggests that what we say has a power outside and also has a influence. When what we express to other people is something bad or negative, the things about it will become worse. Oppositely, if we say something good or positive, it has a good power and also has a good influence to other people and ourselves.

I have a dream to live with baking breads every day. I want to be a baker. It is my dream. I have thought it a silly dream many times before, but I decide to tell the people around me and I meet about my dream. I decided to believe that the words I use when I talk about my dream will have a positive power to make it true.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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