Shopping in Osaka.

In Fukuoka pref., I lived there until this March, we can get vegetables inexpensively. Of course they are fresh very much and tastes very good, too. Coming to Osaka, what I am surprised at is that prices of vegetables at supermarkets are very very expensive.
For example, I could get a head of lettuce at a reasonable price, about 100 JPN/a head in Fukuoka. However purchasing a same one in Osaka, we must pay for it about twice or more!  I like vegetables very much and I always make a salad and eat it at meals. The environment I belonged to before made it available. But now I have to consider whether I can get them or not. To think about it, I often stay at a supermarket about for an hour when I go there; Fortunately, A package which contains many kinds of vegetables is often sent to me from my parents’ home in Fukuoka. So that I can get eat many vegetables without paying for them much.
Like vegetables, prices of other ingredients, meat and fish, are also decided much higher than these of Fukuoka.
In addition, frankly speaking, I want no to buy fish at a supermarket in Osaka… because they don’t look fresh… Fukuoka is faced to the sea and it has many market dealing with fresh, very fresh fish. And therefore we can get fresh fish in very low-cost. Of course they are very delicious; I could eat row fish, it is called “Sashi-mi” in Japanese, whenever I want to eat. But in Osaka, “Sashi-mi” is very very expensive and its color looks not so good… I have to put up with getting several ingredients to get a pack of row fish sliced to eat as “Sashi-mi”. And it looks not so delicious…So that I have never eaten it since I started to live here! Perhaps I have to get it at department stores if I want to eat good one as well as in Fukuoka.
On the other side, about meat, it is also sold at high price; I thought it was natural that pork sliced thinly sold about at 68~78JPN/100g.  But in fact it is sold at 88~108JPN/100g at least here! Looking at the price at a supermarket, I thought it was something wrong and after that I thought I came to a supermarket which was regarded as a high-class one by accident. But after a while, I realized that it is ordinary price in Osaka…. So that I often buy packs of meat labeled “Sale!” “Half-Price!” now.

Oh, I have to go out to school soon. I have lots of things about my present daily life, so that I upload articles when I have time to do that.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. I used to live about 10 min walk from Osaka train station (the main one)…when I worked there. I had eaten out all my meals…it was still inexpensive for me. I ate at a Hoka Hoka place for brunch and I ate at a gathering of restaurants where businessmen ate…for dinner.

    I miss Japanese food so much. I understand about the price difference for you. My parent in laws live in the countryside on Shikoku and they have a lot of very fresh and inexpensive food readily available.

    Well, it is good that you are still doing well. Till next time.

    • >Shiroi Tora
      I know Hokka Hokka place and I used it once after coming here, in Osaka. I live in the Central Ward of Osaka which is regarded as the district for business so that there are many restaurants, cafes and other stores to eat or to buy meal. But there are few supermarkets where I can buy something without hesitation because of the prices of vegetables, fish, meat and other ingredients… So I bought a bicycle in Osaka(Because many many people living in Osaka have it and it is much more useful to go out to various places in Osaka than other transportations.) and I go shopping to a supermarket located far away from my house.
      Hokka Hokka place(Hokka Hokka Tei) has many menus and they are by no means expensive, but they all also have high calories…If I use it when I eat all of meal(breakfast, lunch, dinner) of a day, I perhaps take over 3000Kcal!! It is too much for me XP!!!
      I have never visited Shikoku, but I can guess how inexpensive food is. Perhaps the cost to live is similar to that of Fukuoka, which I lived in. And then the food may be very fresh.
      Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora. I’m looking forward to reading your comment!

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