Surfing on the Net is now available at home!

Yesterday the network to connect with the internet is built in my house. It is now available to surf on the Net at home…I’m very glad to watch and know various information with my computer without going out somewhere! About a month when I couldn’t use the Net to get information with computers at home was very frustrated me very much. I have already gotten a smart phone and I can watch the Net with it as a very-small computer, but its screen is too small for me to remain surfing on the Net. Surfing on the Net with it for long often fatigues both of my eyes very much.
Furthermore, I’m very glad to be able to write an article and upload with my computer at home! I haven’t been able to upload it easily even if I want to blog about something. As a result, I forgot what I wanted to blog and the contents faded away from my brain. But from today, it is available to write articles which contain what I wanted to express and let somebody know!

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Good…I am looking forward to more of your articles!

    • >Shiroi Tora
      Thank you for your comment. I’ll write here what I think and things which happened to me in English!
      I’m gradually reading your blog now, too. You also seem to go along the way which you decided for your son.
      I wish that efforts made by you and your son give you the best result!!

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