I’m in Osaka…

I have started to live in Osaka since about 1 month ago. 1 month has only about 30 days, but I feel that it is a very long term that I’ve lived here… Perhaps the fact that I had to do a lot of things makes me felt so.

I’ve already wrote that I come here to learn how to bake bread and how to manage a bakery store by myself. The daily life I’ve spend on weekdays is by no means easy for me. At first I must get up at 3 o’clock every day to arrive at the bakery, in other words it means the school where I’m learning, in time. It starts at 6 every morning to bake breads so that I have to prepare my condition to be able to do a lot of things there. Frankly speaking, to wake up early every morning is not so hard for me because I also had to wake up early like the situation I face presently to go to the workplace till 8 o’clock every morning. The problem I face now is that it requires me to work very hard without a pause for a while. So that when all of work of a day finishes, I’m too tired to think or do anything… But I think it is the way I chose by myself. So that I can’t /mustn’t complain about it. At least it can be said that my strains and stresses are very lower than before, “before” means the term I worked at the previous workplace.

It’s very sorry that I haven’t been able to update this blog for about a month long. The sincerely readers, You want to know why the blog stops to update articles for such a long time. Because of the tiredness of the writer? No. So, because of your laziness? No, … perhaps XP! The reason is very simple; My house isn’t connected with the Network still now. To put it shortly, I can’t surf the Web at home! So I can’t write any articles on this blog.
The network don’t reach my house still now. I update articles today from a cafe located in Osaka which provides the wireless LAN network which we can use easily without any charge. But frankly speaking, to surf the Web outside makes me very tired. And furthermore there is a big problem; Do you want to know it? If you want the answer, please read the following sentences; It is very very simple. The computer I use is very heavy to carry outside!

I have lots of things about my present life in Osaka to write on articles here. But I think it may be better to blog after the network is connected with my house and I can surf the Web there; To think about articles which I want to write and to remain staying at the coffee shop for a long time with only a cup of coffee(It is also by no means inexpensive for me…Because I have no income presently because I can’t keep any time and any energy to work somewhere after daily baking! It is enough to make me too tired to do anything. Perhaps in early May the network at my house will be open and after that I’ll also restart to update articles as constantly as possible.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Good for you. You are living your dream. I retired yesterday. My life is now a dream. Keep up with your efforts…you will live your life happily by doing so.

    • I’m sorry to be late for a reply for your comment, Shiroi Tora… Did you retire? I’m very surprised. I couldn’t read your blog because I couldn’t surf the Net at home until yesterday, so that I didn’t know it(But I also don’t know whether the fact that you retired was written on your blog or not).I’m anxious that my English is very bad because I didn’t write sentences in English for a while…If you feel that what I wrote is hard to understand, please forgive me for writing these bad sentences!

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