What should I do?

Recently I haven’t written this blog because I have had nothing to write here; And then, I have been very very tired , the reason is that I have had to think about a lot of things.

I made up my mind to move to Osaka and to learn how to bake bread at a small school for 6 months. So that I have to prepare to move there now, however, I haven’t able to do that because of my tiredness. Though to start something new may make us happy or exiting, I sometimes become anxious about it. When I live in Osaka, I can’t perhaps earn money because it may be difficult for me to make time to work there. Still more, I have never live in any districts except Fukuoka. I have saved as much money as possible, but, I’m anxious that it is really enough to live there without working. And it isn’t also certain that I will get a job after graduating the school. If I can’t set about work, What I should do is not clear at all. When I think about “IF”s ,which is by no means happy for me, I feel too tired to do anything.

By the way, I baked some bread yesterday and these are photos of them;

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. The road leading to your dreams is sometimes filled with obstacles….but never with regret.

    The greater the obstacle overcome…the greater the reward.

    Don’t stop…don’t give in.


    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi-Tora!
      Yes, I know..that when people start something new or something which they have never experienced before,
      They often meet difficulty on their way to realize it.
      Recently I’ve been very tired(Yesterday I also went to bed before 19:00! I was too tired to eat something yesterday evening.)
      so that I have often felt that I haven’t been able to think about various things well…
      But I think my tiredness I feel now is also necessary to go to the next step.

      ありがとう。頑張ります!(Arigatou. Ganbari-masu!)

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