A small trip to Osaka. / Bread I baked…

I decided to go to Osaka with my girl friend next weekend. The purpose of this trip isn’t just a sight seeing, the most significant one is that to attend the presentation performed by a school which teaches students how to bake bread; The school is located in Osaka, so that we decided to go there for a couple of days, the coming Saturday and Sunday.

We go there by Shinkansen, which is one of the most famous high speed trains in the world. When we use it, it takes only two and half hours to arrive there from Fukuoka. But there is a problem; It costs very expensively. We use it in a round trip, we have to pay about 25,000 Yen! Of course this price doesn’t contain a hotel rate. But strange enough, in the case we use a plan provided by various travel bureaus, we can have a round trip by Shinkansen with staying at hotel over night much more inexpensive! It costs about 15,000 yen when we apply and reserve a plan on the Internet. I think it is very strange, but I also feel that it is a good news for us to be able to have a trip more inexpensive.

But to pay 15,000 yen is by no means easy for us; so that we want not only to attend the presentation but also to have a sight seeing around Osaka! And I also want to visit some famous, popular bakeries rated highly, to buy some of bread and to eat them.

By the way, I baked some bread yesterday and took their photos. The kinds of bread are as fellows; English bread(Pain de mie), Walnuts buns, round sweet buns and pain traditionnel.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Very good. You are taking positive action toward your dream. Don’t forget to ask them which of their breads are the most popular.

    Good for you!

    • Thank you for your comment. I wish that the action I take this time shows me something which is good for my future. I also think what to ask them at the presentation; Your advice is very help for me to think about it!!

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