A little success, but it makes my feeling much better!

It often happens that even a thing which I couldn’t finished successfully before can be solved easily afterward. About one week ago I tried to make a wireless LAN network in my house, but I couldn’t. I tried many times to connect my Smart Phone to the net via the wireless LAN network, but it couldn’t show the screen written “Google”. I did my best to success the challenge, but after all it was impossible for me at that time; I was very very tired and gave up it then.
But this morning I had some time to try it again. I forgot what I have done to make the wireless network before, so that I began to make it without any bias (or prejudice). As a result, I succeeded to surf on the net with my Smart Phone via the wireless LAN network at home! I’m glad very much.
But, frankly speaking, it is not so important to use the Internet  very much because my Smart Phone can connect to the Net without any other facilities; But I’m glad to make the network by myself! It is just a worthless thing for others, but it is very worth for me. To finish to complete something successfully makes us happy I think. This success makes my feeling much better than some time ago.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. You are better at it than I am!

    • Thank you for your comment. I’d been trouble over this matter since a week ago, but at last I could make a LAN network at home and now I use it comfortably.
      When a thing which makes me happy happens, I feel that it is fortunate for me to come across that and I should thank for something; But I don’t know what “something” is.

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