In a mutter…

I’m too tired to think about nothing. I want to have a rest today because I’m anxious whether I can work as usual or not. Yesterday I had a lot of things to do, but yesterday morning I didn’t expect them, on the contrary I thought that I might be able to finish works earlier than usual and go back home to spend time to have a rest. In fact, It was wrong completely. I had to try to make a small network for an important purpose, but after all I couldn’t complete the job. Furthermore, When I called up a company, I was given an unpleasant feeling by a man.. And I faced many little unpleasant things yesterday! Coming back home from my workplace, I felt so tired very much that I couldn’t do anything else except sitting on the chair for a while.

Ummm… I have to go to work soon. But I feel very sleepy. I want to stay here and just to sleep endlessly…

  1. I’ve had that type of day before. I used to go out for a long run and take a nice warm shower before bed. I slept deeply afterward. Hope everything goes well for you at work. Till next time.

    • Thank you for your comment. Ummm, Telling the truth, I don’t like to play any sports, because I haven’t been good at playing it; Yesterday after I went back home I called my girl friend and talked with her or a hour. I told a lot of things I concern about; (my(and our) future, what I should do, and many other things) She listened to me and advised me with kind words.
      Today I’m also very tired but today is the last day when I have to work this week; Tomorrow is the day I can use for having a rest. I work politely as much as I possible.

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