Things waiting for me in the future…

I had a rest time for four days, but I have to go to my workplace today; Yes, it is Monday today. The day when many people have to start to work again. I’ll meet many stresses and strains, but I must go to work to earn money to live.

I have already written about a fact, which means my present work will come to end in the next month this year. I want to change my work to another one; I plan to enter into a school to realize it. The school is located in a city which is very far away from the town where I live now. In the case to use “Shinkanksen”, which is one of the highest speed train system in the world, it takes about more than 2 hours to arrive there. It is natural that I must move from here to the town. I’m very anxious about it because I have never experienced to live in another town. Further more speaking, I don’t have a plan after graduating from it; Will I be able to get a job after that? I earn money enough to remain living? Considering these matters, I sometimes become to be very worry about them.

But on the other hand, when I’m asked whether I want to remain this job for decades, I can’t say “Yes”. To teach students a subject, in my case it means to teach them how to use computers, is seriously important I think. However it doesn’t mean that I have to remain working at the present workplace; To teach something to someone is very very difficult and it requires to remain being powerful as well as students of those who work as teachers. It is also the significant point for me to make up my mind to change my job.

Even if there are many troubles on the way which we’re going on,  we must to be alive on each day till the time we leave for somewhere comes.  I think how many troubles and silly, frightful and stupid things there are on the world! We are often in trouble by accident and have to waste our consciousness, time and power  to be worry about it or to solve it in some way. You may say, “Yes, that is life”. Yes, it is, that is life… but thought I know the fact, I often become so tired that I feel I can’t remain living in the world!

My friend got married a few months ago and he and his wife are going on the trip around Europe. I hear they enjoyed to do some sight seeing in Florence in Italy for a couple of days, and they are in Paris, France now. I also want to go on a trip in Europe, especially in Germany with my girlfriend. But now isn’t the time to do it… I have been to Germany twice before and I want to go there again. I don’t know whether living hard every day brings us the chance or the opportunity or not; but All I can do now is it only. All things are in a state of flux, and its not only things which we can see on our eyes, but also them which we can’t see but feel; When the time which allows us to go there, I’ll walk on the ground in Europe and feel and enjoy various things and its atmosphere.

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. I also had your thoughts almost 20 yrs. ago. Although I didn’t particularly wish to stay in my present job…it has provided me with a very good salary…and an excellent retirement…which in 2.5 months…I shall be enjoying.

    I had to make a choice back then…as I knew it would be my last chance due to my age. It was to be a very exciting career but one with less financial security and, for many years, far less pay.

    Another variable…I had to decide to have a family or not. That was the deciding factor. If I were to have a family…then I had to choose the financially sound one.

    I chose the family and the greater financial route and I made everyday at work as much fun as I could. I made it enjoyable by whatever means. I am but 51 yrs. old and I shall have a very enjoyable rest of my life because I took this route. I have no regrets.

    Although I understand your concerns…I don’t know all the variables in your life.

    All I can say is to consider all variables and to think long term over the short in everything in life.

    Your decision will become self evident.


    • Thank you for your comment, Shiroi Tora. Your comment brings me a deep suggestion to think about my future.
      My present job guarantees by no means my employment for a long term. It will come to end next month. I have just a contract employment so that the situation that I can work at my workplace means by no means that I can remain working in the next term.
      I’m 27 years old now, and it is the last chance to change my work I think. I have “taken my side trip” too much on my lifetime I think; I’ve never experienced the situation called “regular employee” as I couldn’t get my regular job when I was an undergraduate. In Japan, in the case that people can’t get their job which is a regular employee when they are college students, it becomes very difficult to get the position. Because of the lack of my capacity, I think, I couldn’t get the position at last. After my graduation, I have experienced some kinds of works, but they weren’t all regular employment.
      Some years ago, I began to bake bread as my hobby and it brings me a very pleasant time. And telling the truth, I want to make it as not remaining my hobby but my job. Of course I know that it isn’t easy at all and doing something as just a hobby and doing as a job aren’t very different. So that I have considered about this problem for a couple of years at least.
      You wrote here about “family”. I have a girl friend, but I haven’t gotten married with her yet; one of the reason that my position is unstable. And the present job doesn’t guarantee me the long term employment. Therefore, As the last challenge I can do, I try to get skill to bake bread professionally and become a baker.
      But I know that I have to remain considering about what I should do for my future… My life doesn’t belong only to myself but also to my girlfriend, my family, and other people I have known.

      I saw your blog and read it. I’m concerned I understand what you write on that blog or not because of the lack of my ability to understand sentences in English. But I know the game music “At Zanarkand”(I like it very very much… when I listen to this music, I sometimes want to cry silently.) and the series of “Final Fantasy”. I haven’t play video games for a long time, but I enjoyed it very much in my childhood.
      Your blog brings me also the great amount of suggestion and hint. I want to often visit your blog and read it.

      “シロイトラ(Shiroi tora)” means “A white tiger”, doesn’t it? It is written “白虎(called “Bya kko)” in Kanji, which is one of letters used in Japanese. “白虎” is known to Japanese(or other east Asian districts) people as the Chinese traditional legendary divine beast which guards the west district. I’m interested in your handle name. It’s very nice!

  2. My brother in law (in Shikoku) felt much the same way as you. He apprenticed himself to a Hairdresser / Barber. He eventually opened his own shop and has been making a good living since. Many of his friends got laid off during the economic downturn in Japan. My brother in law did fine. He commented that he felt so fortunate that he had decided to control his own destiny. He had his family shortly after opening his business.

    Researching your marketplace for saturation…or better yet…research where it would be best to open your own place (after you get fully trained). The more highly qualified you are (not necessarily your paper credentials…but taste / customer approval) and the better your location (street traffic / nearness to major shops who would purchase your baked goods / specialty goods – French baked pastries / breads as an example) the better your future outlook and longevity.

    In San Jose California in the 1960s to 1990s there was a Japanese man that had his own Tofu shop in Japantown. His Tofu was the best. He made it right there in his shop. He sold most of it to all of the restaurants and much to walk in customers.

    No one else opened up a Tofu shop because his Tofu was the best.

    He picked his market and was a success. I recommend you do thorough research into the viability of opening your own shop – location / capital and training needed…etc.. Be sure you would be willing to move anywhere that is best for you to succeed. Good luck on that.

    Your English is very good. However, in my blog I often write Philosophically / Metaphorically. Many native speakers, I fear, don’t fully understand what I speak of. I speak of motives and basic concepts and I try to put it into perspective through Metaphors…this allows me to speak of the condition of the heart as well as the mind. I try to simplify the message through these methods…but I fear many feel that it is unnecessarily convoluted.

    Please do read the blog…it is of great importance to parents to be. It is on basic parenting for all children as well as for children on the Autistic Spectrum.

    I generally try to tie in the music to the theme of the article. Not necessarily the words…but the emotion of the music.

    I picked White Tiger because…at 51 yrs., my hair is mostly white and, even though I am half Japanese (my mother is from Kyushu)…I look mostly Occidental (White). The Tiger represents the Asian side of me.

    My wife is Japanese (from Shikoku) – I met her in 1986 in Osaka while I worked there (for 1 year). My son is therefore 3/4 Japanese. He is the focus of my Blog.

    Well, thank you for your reply. You have a very professional blog layout by the way. I shall be visiting your blog very often. Till then.

    Shiroi Tora.

    • Thank you for your comment and advice. As you say, I think also that it is very important for me to consider about various things; where to open my own place, what to bake and so on.(Of course at first I must be apprenticed and trained enough to be able to bake or make bread and other meal which have enough quality to be bought by many customers) Yes, you know, I have to think about many things. It isn’t easy, but it is also pleasant for me because I have to do it for myself and my future.
      Stories of your brother in law and a Japanese selling Tofu in California encourage me very much! I WILL do my best to make my dream true.

      Yes, as you say, it is very difficult for me to understand what you want to say in your blog because English is a foreign language for me and you use many kinds of metaphors, philosophical expressions in your sentences. But at the same time, I think strongly that it is very significant to express with sentences from your heart, though they require to use many difficult words to understand to others… You say that even it is hard for native speakers to understand it so that it is much more difficult for me understand than for them! But I want to read and grasp what you want to express; Yes, I have some English-Japanese dictionaries!
      I know autistic people, but it is as just a knowledge. I have no children, and no acquaintances who are autistic. I have watched some TV programs whose theme is about autistic and I have also read some books about them, but it is quite incomplete I think. Not only to know autistic as just a knowledge, but also to know what they express and people around them think about are very important, I think.
      Music can express various emotion and feeling, even if they can’t be often expressed with words. Reading your blog with listening to music embedded there, I feel it helps me to understand what you want to say, I think.

      I’m also living in Kyushu. I live in a city near Fukuoka, which is the largest city in Kyushu. And I’m surprised that you are half Japanese due to You didn’t look so on your picture with your son shown on your blog. Thank you for your explanation about your handle name!
      You lived in Osaka for a year! I have been there several times as a trip(Telling the truth, the school which I plan to enter is located near the city). And your wife is Japanese, so that I can write Japanese what I want to say but it is difficult to describe in English? Ummm, but I want to use English as much as I can… Yes, I try to communicate with you (and other commentators) in English.

      Thank you for your praise for my blog layout; however, telling the fact, it is one of designs which has already prepared for users… Of course I decided arrangement of widgets and rough whole design. But I’m very glad to praise my blog! I’m also glad to get to know you very very much!!

      Sechskatzen / Sixchats / Sixcats / ロクネコ

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