Smart Phone “IS04” has a high performance camera.

I realize that “Smart Phone “shouldn’t be called “a kind of Cellular Phone” but “a small Computer containing the function to call to someone.  It is permitted to install various application softwares to this small and thin box. We can browse the net without being embarrassed with it. And furthermore, it can be connected with a computer to transfer many kinds of data. It is natural for those who are professional to use instruments which are produced and made with high advanced technologies to regard “Smart Phone” as such a instrument, but I have no knowledge and skill in various high technologies so that I am often surprised and in trouble. But these situations bring me a pleasure at the same time.

A purpose to buy IS04 this time is that it has the function to take photos taken in very high resolutions; It has 12.2 mega pixels camera! When I bake bread, I sometimes take some photos of them. So it was a very attractive point to define to purchase the phone this time.

A few days ago I baked croissant and took photo of it with the Phone;


I gave it some acquaintances and they said it was very delicious, but I’m not satisfied with it…
Because it wasn’t crisp but soft; I want to bake one which is much crisper!

Thank you for your visit here today.

  1. Nice blog layout. Interesting articles and all written in very good English. I’ll be stopping by every so often to read more.

    • I think I make many mistakes when I blog in English… But I wish that those who visit this blog would understand what I want to write here!
      Thank you for your comment! I’m very glad to find it!

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