New Smart Phone: IS04(White)!!

A few days ago I bought a new smart phone “IS04” produced by TOSHIBA and provided by au. It is named “REGZA PHONE” and the same type smart phone has been already sold by NTT Docomo. But according to their Press Release, there are some different points and functions between these two machines.

This is a cellular phone evaluated very highly before it starts to be sold in magazines and other media which has written articles about cellular phone, among the persons concerned with making it and so on. As the reason, first, It is made by TOSHIBA. This company has made many cellular phones which are very popular and have high-performances. Still more, it makes a TV named REGZA, which has high-performance to display us very high quality pictures. The technology for it is also used to develop this smart phone. Second, IS04 has many functions to be used comfortably among people living in Japan. “Osaifu-Ketai”, which is a technology developed by SONY to use cellular phones like many numbers of prepaid cards, man can send E-mail with addresses having the character string “***”. Third, It is used as if it is a small computer; We can browse the Net, check E-mail of GMail and other services to send and receive E-mails on the net, watch movies in You Tube, check the map with Google Maps, enjoy many applications donwloaded from the net and installed an so on! Ah, we mustn’t forget that it has a very high-performance camera which is 12.2 megapixels!!

It started to be sold on 10. February 2011, but It was said there were many advance orders in every shops, so that I though it was impossible to buy it in the day; but after all, I could get it at a shop located near my house! It is colored white, and its color isn’t as popular as another type of colors, black.  At first I also wanted to purchase a black one, but there are no stocks of this color; But I became to want to get a white one because I felt it is also beautiful and it makes its appearance sharper to be coating by two colors. Furthermore I also bought a cover to prevent the phone from being damaged and its color was metallic red, so that it looks much sharper than before being taking the cover.

I haven’t gotten used to using it, so that I have to practice how to use this smart phone…but it’s also my pleasure!!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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