Teaching the students the grammatic structure of English sentences…

Yesterday I taught students English about for 2 hours though I have no licences to teach English at High school XP.
Yesterday is the day before the last examination of the current year.  It is carried out for 4 days and it is the most important examination for students because the result of paper test of each subject influences their evaluation. Paper test of “Joho A”, the subject to teach how to use computers and so on, is also ready.

Starting to teach at school, I taught students English at a cramming school. And still more I learnt German when I was an university student. So that I like to think, write or teach English very much. When I was a high school students, it is just a pain for me to study it, but learning German, I could compare each grammar of both languages. It let me understand them much better. I think English and German (and other European languages) have a more logistic grammatic structure than Japanese’s.  In other words, it may mean that Japanese grammatic structure is very flexible. But at the same time it can occur the case that what speaker wants to express can be gotten blurred.

By the way, it is difficult for students to understand the structures of participial construction.
For example; I Coming back home,  my father was watching TV lying on the sofa.
This sentence can be rewritten as follows;
When I came back home, my father was watching TV and he was also lying on the sofa.
For students, it is very difficult to decide which word of conjunction they should choose.
And then, it is also difficult for them to understand the style of relative pronoun.
For example; My father whose fatherland is America can speak English very well.
This sentence can be rewritten in two sentences as follows;
My father can speak English very well. His fatherland is America.
The latter sentence explains what “my father” is, so that “his” is changed to “whose” and the latter sentence is put behind the word “my father”. But for many Japanese it is seemed very strange as the construction of a sentence.

It made me very tired to teach them for two hours, but at the same time I was very excited to think the structure of English sentences with them. Frankly speaking, it is much more interesting and enjoyable than toteach how to use computers XD….!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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