Breads I baked..

Though I had a severe stomachache, my mental condition wasn’t good at all, but I baked some kinds of bread last weekend. Because of it is one of my hobbies which are decreasing the stresses and strains which had increased in my mind and body.

These are pictures of the breads I baked this time;

I haven’t baked this type of English bread. Recently I baked it with getting a lid of the baking case every time. But I wanted to bake the bread having a round shape head.
Before baking it I prepared a kind of dough named polish style dough(?). It contains the same amount of wheat flour and water, and a very very small quantity of yeast. It makes the bread’s aroma richer than usual.

Second, it is a bread called “Zopf” in German and “braided bread” in English.
I made it with dough for sweet buns. But This was the first challenge for me to make it, so that its shape wasn’t good very much….

Third, it is a kind of rye bread contained well-chopped ginger which has been pickled in honey for some weeks. It has mysterious aroma and taste. Some may think it isn’t delicious, but I like it very much!

And last, it is a kind of ordinary breads for me; “Hard Roll”. Its ingredients are very simple and it can be baked easily. But it tastes very good!

Today I’m not so fine that I can’t blog in English for a long time because yesterday an event was performed at my workplace and it made me very very very tired!!!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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