It has been snowing since early morning today…

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t realize that it snowed very heavily. Because it was still very dark and I didn’t have to watch outside; I started my computer, checked sent E-Mail, made a sandwich for my lunch, took a shower and ate breakfast. These didn’t all required me to watch outside at all.
But before I went to my workplace, I opened the curtain  to know how the weather today. The world was all colored white. houses, roads and fields are all covered with snow.
I thought that I wanted to stay home strongly because of the situation and my condition. I felt a stomachache after waking up and still more also a headache. But it is not a hobby , but a work to earn money. I decided to go to my workplace by car, though it was still snowing heavily. My workplace stands far away from the city; it is located near a high mountain. There is no stations around here. A bus stop is placed next to there, but it is very sorry that no buses which I can get on easily from a bus stop placed near my house go there. After all, car is the only way to arrive at the workplace.
All of cars going on the road were driven very slowly. And I couldn’t drive my car fast to prevent it from sliding suddenly. In fact, a truck going ahead of my car was sliding when it slowed down. You know, The road covered with snow and coated with frozen water and often called “Eis Bahn”  is very very dangerous.
I drove my car much slower than usual and I decided to change the way to my workplace, it means a school located near the mountain. The road I use every day was very very crowded by cars going to each destination.  This judgement was correct because the road I drove this morning wasn’t crowed at all; So that I could get to the school before the office hour started.

And then, it is sunny very much. The sunlight is very delightful and the color of the sky is colored beautifully blue. It is unbelievable that it snowed heavily this morning; I have to stay here till a club I take care of ended to practice. I want to go back home if it is possible!!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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