In a mutter….

I’m very anxious about something now. But I don’t know what “Something” is, and I don’t know why I am so anxious; It is the fact that I haven’t had good sleeps since a few days ago, and my stomach hasn’t work well. I have felt that my feeling has been shaken by something.
Recently I often think that I want to have a trip somewhere; No one knows me and I don’t know nobody there too, but it is kept just silent around there, and I don’t have to think about nothing. Yes, you know, about my family, people around me, my work, words I have already spoken and myself. It is no use thinking about my life which I have built and has been built by something, But I sometimes think about it, the meaningless, pity life.
It may be true that the world won’t be changed if I go away. Even if it comes true, my workplace will prepare to admit a new one from somewhere, and it occurs no problems there. Perhaps some of my acquaintances feel sorrow for it, but it isn’t in the least forever. After all, my existence has no relative to anything, I feel. You know, I “feel” and it doesn’t mean I’m correct. I don’t know whether my thought is right or not. Perhaps God only knows, if it exists.
If I’m offered that I can pass away without any pain if you want it by something in my dream, perhaps I’ll accept this offer with pleasure;  Because I was just too tired. Too tired to think or do something…..

Thank you for your visit here today.

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