In a mutter…

There are those who can’t stand to realize or to get what they want. Although they have something which isn’t still broken , they often change it to a new one. Of course they have various reasons in their mind; ” Because I’m bored with it”, “Because it becomes very older, and there are a lot of new ones”, “Because it is too uncomfortable to use”, and so on.
There is a clinic located near my house. A doctor of  this clinic seems to change his own car frequently. All of the cars he has used is made from foreign countries and many numbers of them comes from Germany. They are all very expensive. Perhaps he thinks that he wants to drive many kinds of cars which are very comfortable and which can’t be bought by ordinary people because of their prices; But I wonder whether he hasn’t been attached to the cars which he has used or not.

Although it can be still well used, there are those who dump it easily and purchase a new one. I’m sorry but I can’t understand their minds. Don’t they have such a thought that they should use it until it breaks or becomes too old if they aren’t satisfied with it a little? If they prepare many plausible reasons, in fact they can’t curb their desires. Perhaps they have no question about the attitude that they get something which they want without any hesitations because the environment allows them to do it. But I think it is a serious matter to be unable to curb our own desires.

Perhaps I can’t live with someone who can’t curb his/her desire and who can’t stand the situation his/her desire can’t be come true; There is an appropriate example in my house; My father is also one of them so that I don’t want to live with him and I want to get out from my house as soon as possible. He often tells us to put up with not to get something we want to live every day, but on the other hand, he often gets what he wants with an expensive cost easily although it is by no means necessary . How on the earth his mind is made is my large question…

To be satisfied with something we possess presently is one of the very important attitudes as a person who is moderate.
It is just a uncontrolled child’s behavior not to put up with the situation which he/she is surrounded, I think so strongly.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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