Caught a cold…

I have caught a cold since last Monday.

I have felt cold and I haven’t wanted to go to work because of my tiredness, but of course it hasn’t been impossible to have a rest, so that two days ago I went to hospital and saw a doctor. He subscribed me some kinds of medicines. I have taken it every time after meal, but I don’t feel that my condition recovers still now. Today is  holiday, so that I think that today ist the day for me to have a rest.

By the way, I’ve finished to draw a picture. I have already uploaded it on the website “Pixiv”,  but it is very veeeery sorry that not so  many people saw it, so that I decide to introduce it on the blog XP!

If you’re interested in it, please click the URL written below and visit the website.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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