THE MOST Wonderful Exhibition for me!

Last Weekend I went to an exhibition performed by students of my school, it means my workplace at Fukuoka prefectural museum. Students taking part in it are all the highest grade at school; Our school has a course to study fine art professionally, and their works have very high quality I think. In fact, Many of their works has won the prizes many times  and it is one of the reason that my school is famous as a school having a fine art course.

At the first year I started to teach students how to use computers, I was very tired every day and I wanted to give up the job many times; Many of students looked down on me because I was too much younger and my classes was very unskillful. But these students weren’t; I was cured by their attitudes every time when I had a class of them, and therefore I could remain working there; If they weren’t there, perhaps I couldn’t work for the year.

Next March they’ll graduate from the school; I was very very glad to see them who have their next ways to become something they will and I want to congratulate them on their brilliant futures sincerely.

I’ve decided to visit their exhibition since three years ago. And at last my hope came true this time. I visited the museum with a cake I baked to them . It is brownie!

At first I thought that I could watch their works for an hour, but it was completely wrong; each of them had a power to attract me, and still more, many students gave me explanation in detail, so that I could have a very good time, but it is very sorry that I could see not all of them. After all, I stayed there for three hours!

But it is the very wonderful exhibition I think. I hope that their future will be bright by their own endeavor and environment they’ll exist in.

And then, These are pictures of bread and cakes I baked last week.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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