Bread I baked last Sunday.

I baked several kinds of bread last Sunday; One of Sweet buns called and named “Melon Pan” in Japanese, “Hard Roll” contained powder of basil, Rye bread contained “Kuromame”, which is one of Japanese traditional cuisine made of soy beans and Pullman bread. Some of them have been already given to my acquaintances and colleagues.

“Melon Pan” is consist of two kinds of dough; one for sweet buns and the other for cookies. I have already baked twice; at the first time I baked it, I failed in making dough of cookies. Therefore when the buns were baked, the outside appearance was like an explosion of bomb. Unlike the appearance, they were very delicious. But of course I couldn’t be satisfied with the result, so that I baked it again. fortunately I didn’t fail in baking it this time.

“Hard Roll” is one of my favorite bread I’ve baked. The reason is that though it is very simple to be baked, It tastes very nice. When I fail in baking bread, I often bake it to calm down myself XD!

Rye Bread is also one of my favorite bread, but it was very sorry for me to mistake to bake it a little; But it was very delicious!

Pullman bread was baked for making sandwiches. Recently I make sandwiches for lunch every day, so that it is necessary to bake it. This time I use wheat flour and whole wheat flour. The latter ingredient gives bread sweet tasty and aroma.

These are pictures of bread I introduced above.

Zwei Bröte; Roggenbort und "Hard Roll".

Pullman Bread.

”Melon Pan"

There were all very delicious and I was very glad to bake them well XD !!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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