“It will snow heavily around here”, the weather report said.

I live in a city located near Fukuoka city, which is the largest city of island Kyushu in Japan. Kyushu is located in the southern area in Japan, so that it is seldom that it snows heavily. But weather report warns that it will snow very very heavily this weekend. We have  ever experienced snowy several times only in every winter, therefore when it snows heavily our lives becomes bad condition. Transportation systems stops, road ways can’t be used to drive and we can do nothing in the world colored silver white.

Today I ‘m going to go the spa located in the northern area of Kumamoto with my girl friend. There are high mountains there, so that we have to drive in this mountain on our way to the spa. But I’m worry whether it snows there or not; If it snows and the road freezes up, we can arrive no longer there.  I wish that we’ll take a hot spring bath this afternoon!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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