Something important is…

Today I took students who belong to the soccer club of our high school to another school’s soccer court to play games against a soccer club which belongs to a high school located far away from ours. Going to another court, in many case they go there by bus because of the number of students. Many students join to the club and practice and train themselves every day. Sometimes they do not do that so hard, but they usually spend time meaningfully.

But, in fact, all of them can’t always play on the court. Though many of them go there with regular members, in many cases all they can do is to support players of their own team. You know, they can’t play on the court though they go there and they pay a fare to get on the bus. Still more, they have a lot of things to do while regular members practice before their games, so that they can’t often do like regular members. They have to record games performed each time, prepare goods to play soccer and do many other things…. However what is allowed to them is to watch the game in which their club mates play and support them only. To make them more pathetic, when they do something wrong about works they have to do, they are sometimes (or often) criticized for that by other club mates or a teacher. For example, to be bad at recording games, not to help regular members to practice, and so on… I haven’t understood why they want to remain joining the club. Now I don’t still grasp their thinking. But I think that the most wonderful students of the soccer club aren’t regular members at all but students who I wrote above.

It is seldom for them to be praised for something they do. Regular members are so not cleaver that they sometimes speak ill of them and look down on them because the arrogant students are be possessed with the idea that they are valuable for the club but students they are looking down on are not so. But they don’t notice a fundamental fact; They can’t do anything without help from other team mates who aren’t regular members. They can’t watch their own games without someone recording it. They can’t also practice and train before each game without the preparation done by someone. And still more, they can’t go to an away game by bus without other club mates because the fare to use the bus is by no means inexpensive.

After all, I felt that regular members are sometimes regarded to be wonderful, but it isn’t right at all today. People who have real value to others are students who go somewhere with regulars, prepare to train for other students and support their own team when the game is going on though they aren’t  able to take part in it. How do you think about that?

Thank you for your visit here today.

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