What can I do for the students?

I have to go to work through it is Saturday and it is usually regarded as a holiday, because today a game which the soccer club of my workplace, it means a high school, takes part in is planned at another high school located far away from my house. I’m one of managers of the club, therefore it is also one of my works.

Of course I don’ want to go to work, but I have to go to earn money as long as possible. I dislike by no means students who belong to the club and play soccer, but to waste too much time for gives me stresses and strains very much. To watch games which I don’t know even fundamental rules is more painful than I thought.

BY the way, I baked a kind of bread and a Japanese traditional cake yesterday. The former is buns containing chocolate chips, and the latter is named Kastera, which is originate from a cake of Portugal handed down about 500 years ago, in th Azuchi-Momoyama era in Japan. I hear it’s name is also result from the name of a district in Spain,Castilla. There are no cakes which have the same or similar name and are made in the similar or same way.

There are pictures of buns and a cake.

Both of them were baked to be given students as desert after today’s game. Because I don’t know how the game is performed and therefore I do hardly something for it, so that it is the only thing I can do for them.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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