The first baking of the year!

I baked some kinds of bread yesterday. I think it remains to be one of my favorite hobbies still more, It is my pleasure which decreases my stresses and strains from works of everyday. It can be exchanged to nothing to bake bread well.

So, I’ll show you two pictures of bread I baked;

Cinammon Rolls.

Walnuts Buns.

I baked Walnuts-buns and Cinnamon-Rolls. I think I’ve already introduced the former on the blog, but I don’t remember whether the latter has been also introduced or not. So I write some peculiarity o the bread today.
First, Butter, shortening and other oily ingredients are added after making gluten of dough enough strong. but when this bread is cooked, butter, shortening,sugar and egg must be whipped and kneaded with other ingredients at the beginning of making dough. It is for making gluten weaker than usual and it brings dough very soft.(I hear this kind of bread to be made dough in this way is called “Coffee Cake”). And it doesn’t have to be knead for a long time because kneading dough long also causes the gluten to be strong. For the same reason it isn’t necessary for dough to be punched down.
It is very delicious and we can enjoy the softness of dough, but it contains much amount of oily ingredients and sugar therefore it is one of breads which has the highest calories than any other one XP!

When I have the opportunity to write the recipe on the blog again, I’ll also introduce it. I become too tired to blog it…because I have had a stomachache since several days ago; It’s caused by constipation….

Thank you for your visit here today.

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