I bought a in-Ear headhphone made by BOSE in Yahoo Auction.

MY in-Ear headphone broke about a week ago.

I have used a in-Ear headphone which was attached to iPod Classic made by Apple Computer as an accessory. I bought it in December of the year before last, so that it broke after being used for a year. I don’t know the term was long or not, but it didn’t matter to me; The Matter was that I couldn’t listen to music with iPod when I was out. What wrong about the headphone was that I could listen to music in my left ear only with it; In other words, the right headphone’s instrument broke.

I found something good to listen to music comfortably on the Net. I wanted to buy a new high-quality one. But of course it costs very expensively. I almost gave up to find a good one, but I found another way to get it; Not to buy with online-shopping, but to buy with online-Auction.
I looked for a in-Ear headphone sold by online-Auction and I found a good one. It was a headphone made by BOSE and  classified into the former-generation type(Reference A Reference B), but it was sold very expensively in online-shopping through the next-generation one has been already sold. However, it was priced very lower in auction than in online-shopping. After all, I could make a successful bid for very low price(I bought it for one- third the price in comparing with the price of Reference B).

This is the picture of the in-Ear headphone I bought this time.


My expression of sounds it makes was as follows; the bass register is reproduced very voluminously and widely(I hear it is regarded as one of peculiarities of the sound made by the instruments produced by BOSE). But the treble register is reproduced in lower-quality than the bass register. But in conclusion I want to say that I’m very satisfied with it!! It is much better than the former one attached to iPod! It will bring a good environment when I listen to music with iPod.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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