“Fukubukuro!(A bag including good fortune!)”

I woke up at 1:30 yesterday morning and I couldn’t sleep any longer again. Yesterday the New Year’s Day, but nothing seemed to change to anything for me. I started my computer, and I knew the weather of yesterday. It was stormy and snowy. BUT I didn’t change my decision to go shopping early in the morning.
I decided to get a bag called “Fukubukuro”, It means “a bag including good fortune”.

I left my house for the shopping mall at 5:50 in the morning. It is very dark and anyone could be hardly seen outside. There were also rarely cars on the street, so that I could arrived at the destination only for 5~10 minutes. The shopping Mall distributed by AEON, is located near my house.

“I have joined this event since several years ago and it’s required us to waiting for opening hours of stores for 3 hours at least. If we don’t want to wait for it with forming a line, or we can’t purchase wares we want to get because they become sold out soon after opening hours.

But this year there are no lines and nobody at the Shopping Mall except a car waiting for parking area opened. I stopped my car behind it and also waited for opening for about 1 hour.
At 7:00 o’clock, the gate of the parking area was opened. I parked my car and got out of it immediately to form a line. There are a few people forming it. It was very cold and windy outside so that I had to hold my hut not to be swept away by wind while I waited for opening hour. This year I had a opportunity to talk with those who also waited for opening the Mall. To waiting for several hours without talking with anyone is hard. I could waited happier than before.

At first I planned to go to a shop selling clothes and I thought to go shopping once more on the next day(It means today!). However I changed my plan; I decided to go two stores. The reason is that I had been interested in the clothes sold at the store which I decided to go afterward, five minutes ago of opening hours!, And secondly, I felt so tired that I wanted to have a rest on the second day, January 2 .

The nearer the opening ours came,  The more exciting all of people became. The time has come! People began to running to the place which sold what they want; clerks  of the Mall tried them to be calmed down, but it is no use trying it. “Don’t run!” “Don’t be hurry too much””? Who on the earth listened to such stupid words? For what did we wait for a long time? All of this was for the moment! I ran ran ran and ran. On the way to the store I ran against someone several times, but it didn’t matter to me!

Being satisfied, my shopping came to end with two big bags within 30 minutes. I felt stomachache and also very tired, so that I got back to my car and went back home after shopping soon. Now that I could get what I wanted, what does it mean to stay there still more?

After coming back home, at first I drank some cups of hot water to calm down my stomachache. And the time to open the bags came! Feeling my heart beating quickly, I take away clothes contained in the bags.

OK, so, now I begin the show-time of new clothes I got at that time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In conclusion, the trial to get clothes which become my favorites this year came end very successfully. Thought both of bags were sold for 10,000 yen, but the clothes were very expensive and the whole amount of prices were more than 40,000 yen at least. And still more I want to say that there were clothes which belonged to types which were different from clothes I had; So that I can vary my choices when I decide what to wear! I was very very veeeery satisfied with this result. “Ichinen no Kei ha(wa) Gantan ni ari”, this is a Japanese traditional proverb, it means that it influences how people spend time the whole of this year how they spend time, what they did or what they feel on New Year’s Day. If I follow what the proverb says, I can think to be able to spend time better than last year XP!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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