A New Year is come.

A new year is come. But I don’t feel it with reality because I was sleeping when the last year passed away and the next and new one came. Yesterday, on 31st December, I had lot of things to prepare something for today so I was too tired to remain waking.

I can’t guess how I will spend every day this year. I want to live hard as long as I can, but perhaps it is impossible for me to live on such a way. Perhaps I’ll often catch a cold, I’ll sometimes want to do nothing and my stomachache will always work not so well… But, you know, like other people, I also have to remain living every day till my life comes to end. To live in this world is a very hard, difficult things I think, therefore, I also think at the same time that it is enough miraculous just to live every day.

There are those who think about every coming year which they have to spend as long as their life remains if they want or not too much. Don’t worry, If you want or not, days are going to come and pass away from you soon incessantly. When you notice this fact, the year you spent will have already gone far away from you.
I think all I can do is to live every day with think hard what I should do as long as possible.

By the way, I made a greeting card to celebrate coming a new year. As I’ve already blogged, it is called “Nenga-Jyo” in Japanese. I sent this card to my girl friend, friends and colleagues. If you want to see it, click the URL I describe below;


Notice: Those who ‘ll be sent this post card from me, NEVER click this URL!

Thank you for your visit here today,
And I wish that you spend good days this year!

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