Where shall I go shopping on New Year’s Day?

In Japan many store have been opened on New Year’s Day since several decades ago. And still more they prepare a bag containing many goods sold at these stores. It is called “Fukubukuro” in Japanese, it means “A bag containing a lot of good fortune” in English. It is usually sold at about 10,000 yen ~ 2,0000 yen and this price is very lower than the whole amount of prices of the goods included in the bag.

I’m looking forward to buying the bag every year. It brings me some fun; First, In many cases the goods of the bag can’t be seen from outside, so that the goods may vary from the type of clothes I have already possessed. And still more, it brings me a chance to think about  combinations of clothes to be looked nice from other people XP!

This year I considered which store to go near my house; And I’ve also worried about the weather; It will snow heavily on New Years Day this year. After all, I determined to go two stores for two days; The former is near my house so that I can go easily, and the latter is located in the district which I can get to by train. The former one has an advantage for me in respect to the type of clothes; so I’ll go to the latter one if I’m fine enough to go there.

Today is the last day of this year. What could I do? and what should I have done?  Frankly speaking, I think that only to remain to live every day is enough miraculous. But we seem to tend to think about the meaning of things which we have done for the whole life we lived; I don’t know whether it has something meaningful or not. Perhaps God or something noble and sacred only knows it, if he/she? really exists.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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