This year is going away….

This year will pass away from us soon. I feel that the older I become, the faster every year passes away. Of course the time always drifts at the same tempo objectively, but people feel it very differently how fast or slow time drifts; in my case I feel it becomes faster every year.

Telling the truth, I made up my mind to have a big change next year. I think this may be the last selfish determination I can do. After some years, I will become thirty years old. I must define how I live in the future. This determination will become the very significant terning point for me and for people around me. These expression sounds an exaggeration from other people, but for me, it may be the most biggest incident which influences not only my own life but also lives of those who have relative to me.

After three days this year will come to end. How will I live next year? And what will it bring me? All is still in fog and not appearent.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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