It is difficult for me to sleep well every night…

Recently I haven’t had a good sleep. It is very easy for me to got to bed and start to sleep. Though there are those who can’t feel a sleep well, I can go to sleep very easily. But the problem of me is the shortage of the term of every sleep. I sleep only for 4 or five hours at most. For example, When I go to bet at nine, I wake up at two or two thirty in the morning. I try to go to sleep again, but I can’t. So that I have to get up and do something with computer every day. As a result, I feel asleep very much every afternoon when I work.

A few months ago I subscribed a medicine which is called a sleeping tablet. But I was anxious about it because I was afraid of the dependence to the drug. But since a few days ago I haven’t been able to have a good sleep and I’ve felt badly very much, so that I made up my mind to use this medicine at last. Last night before I went to bed I took it with a cup of tea and I lay down on the bed. Perhaps after a couple of minutes, I went to sleep.

And I woke up at six thirty this morning. I was very surprised at the fact. When I saw what time it was with mobile phone, I couldn’t believe the time displayed. Recently I have woken up at two or three, as I’ve already written, therefore it was unbelievable but it was amazing for me. And still more I felt very well this morning. The reason  may be that I could have a very good sleep and my body was given a enough time to rest itself.

I understand that it isn’t perhaps good to be able to have a good sleep with using a sleeping tablet, but it is the fact that I couldn’t sleep well every night recently and taking the tablet brought me a good rest with sleeping. I think that there are no correct answers about the means to live well, at the same time I think also it means that people may be able to find or have to find their own way to live well and comfortably by themselves.  To be taken something by someone, even if “something” means medicines which influence our bodies or minds, can’t be criticized by other people.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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